The Observer

The most important question you might ask yourself after stumbling upon this website for the first time might just be:

What exactly is the St.Charlian Observer?

Interesting question, if I may say so, but in order to fully answer it, we have to go back to the very first edition of this micronational newspaper. It was a chilly morning on January 1st 2009, and the citizens of a young micronations found this in their mailboxes:

Ok, I know what you’re thinking right now: it looks like a joke, with a speaking dog, an awful font and extremely short articles. The Observer back then did not plan on becoming the Observer as we now know it. It was very light-hearted on several issues, and most importantly, its main task was to cover strictly national news. Given that the Federal Republic consisted of only three federations in those days, of which only one was inhabited, there wasn’t a lot to write about. But the November Revolution was not yet “a thing of the past” and the Observer quickly became the only way to inform everyone inside and outside St.Charlie about what the government was up to.

Then the Branson Act 2009 was ratified, and St.Charlie became a multi-party democracy. For The Observer, that was a game-changer, and from then the words really started flowing. A few months later the first two-page edition went to press, and following editions boasted three or even four pages. In September, the Observer published its first edition featuring a cover, special sections and columns. Before moving online, this was a typical edition of the St.Charlian Observer:

Better than the first edition, eh? 🙂

The Observer is today one of the most read micronational newspapers in the community, and the decision to abandon “paper” surely saddened a lot of readers. But the most important thing of a micronational newspaper is not its appearance, its cover and its colors, as many seem to think. It is rather what is inside, what you write and how you write it. Of course, a nice layout helps, but it doesn’t make articles any more interesting.

So, if we had to sum up this newspaper in a few words, what would they be? “A professional, neutral and high quality service with enough information, opinions and humor for everyone”. Or in just three words, “The St.Charlian Observer”.

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