Eastwood addresses Parliament for first time as Chancellor

Chancellor EastwoodTwo days after his nomination by former President Alexander Reinhardt, Alexander Eastwood has intervened at a joint session of the St.Charlian Parliament for the first time as Chancellor of the Federal Republic – a position replacing the office of the Prime Minister, following the constitutional reforms proposed by the Socialist Party.

“As you all clearly know, such radical constitutional reforms come out of the necessity to simplify our bureaucratic apparatus and I applaud the General Assembly for giving consent to it. – said the Chancellor – I hope everyone remembers that such changes were needed in order to remain active, and not out of power or personal prestige”.

Eastwood then faced the doubts raised by the intermicronational community: “Many people abroad are worried about this change, and this is normal. But if I see fear from the outside, I’m sure I’ll find hope and trust from the inside. We could have closed down everything, but didn’t want to.”

The Chancellor has then announced his intention to start a phase that will turn St.Charlie into a purely italophone micronation.

“Many people abroad fear that the Federal Republic will become too italophone. I sincerely have the intention to give life to their fears. St.Charlie was founded by Italians and with Italian traditions, and while it holds citizens from all around the world, it cannot lose its traditions and cultural identity because of a minority that opposes them for no reason”.

Eastwood concluded his speech by criticising the former federal model, now replaced by a less bureaucratic structure: “We’ve seen the consequences of having federations and citizens that didn’t accept St.Charlie for what it was: they asked for useless changes and usually left if those weren’t enacted. It was about time to move on and replace an obsolete federal system with too many institutional offices. A new St.Charlie is born, whether we like it or not.”

The speech by Chancellor Eastwood was well received by the members of the Socialist Party, who applauded his decision to purge what were described as “inactive offices and figures”. The National Party has not yet commented Eastwood’s words, but internal sources affirm that there is an ongoing debate between the new executives and the old founders, including Reinhardt.

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