Prime Minister Eastwood on the Crimean referendum

cover eastwoodIn a press statement published this morning by his Office, Prime Minister Alexander Eastwood and his Government have condemned the violence that has recently taken place in the Ukraine and declared support for the Crimean population, who recently announced its intention to join Russia.

“The Federal Republic must condemn the acts of violence that recently took place in the Ukraine. -announced Eastwood- After a long analysis of the situation, the Government has decided to support the people’s right to self-determination, which is also a founding value of our Nation”.

In particular regards to the situation in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the Prime Minister specified that “the Government believes the Crimean people have the right to choose, in adequate ways, their own future. […] We also believe that the current position of Russia in the Crimean issue is the one closer to the actual interests of the region’s population. We condemn the policy of misinformation and propaganda enacted by the United States, the G8 members and the European continent”.

Eastwood specified that “such actions are clearly made for political and economic purposes that do not respect the will of the Ukrainian people, nor the agreements between Russia and Ukraine”.

Regarding the recent argument on transphobia fostered by Zealandia, the Prime Minister said the discussion is a “completely irrelevant quarrel even for the LGBT civil rights battles” and added that he will not intervene.


One Response to “Prime Minister Eastwood on the Crimean referendum”
  1. Hargis says:

    I agree,
    Russians will always be Russians, and if Cremia wants to join them so what. It’s no different than Sudan splitting through a vote. We should all have that right.
    There is going to be a point in the U.S. i think within my lifetime that the conservative states will break away from corrupt Washington

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