Nationals nominate Alexander Reinhardt for Presidency

reinhardtGeneral Secretary of the NPSC, Marka Mejakhansk, said this evening that the National Party intends to propose the name of Alexander Reinhardt in the incoming Presidential elections. Mejakhansk already discussed in the last days with the First Ambassador, who accepted the nomination.

The proposal was made to the Central Council on Wednesday by Mejakhansk himself and saw positive interventions by Athlon Strauss and Rigas Papadopoulos. The discussion concluded this afternoon when the members unanimously approved Reinhardt’s candidacy. “We had been thinking of Mr. Reinhardt’s name for a lot of time now. – said Laszlo Turati di Borbone – However, we wanted to make sure to receive as many names as possible. In the end we decided to ask him, and he accepted”.

The Nationals will meet in the next days with Prime Minister Alexander Eastwood and the New Socialist Party in order to discuss the respective Presidential candidates, as two thirds of the General Assembly and the Commonwealth delegates are required in order to elect the Head of State.

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