Socialists propose Zoni for General Assembly, discuss Presidential elections

lorezoni“We have started again to discuss our motions to the General Assembly. The Party met this morning and is already debating the main things we want to do” said Flavio Beninati, Minister for Federal Affairs to the Atlantis Post, a notable socialist newspaper. After Beninati, the current priority of the Socialists is to “outline the division of powers between the federal government and the federations“.

Meanwhile, with the incoming elections for the President of the General Assembly, the NSP has proposed Lorenzo Zoni for the position. A Socialist of Atlean-italophone origins, Zoni was third in line in the last general elections and was described by Prime Minister Eastwood as “our best choice for the position”. The National Party has not yet published its candidate.

In the recent meeting of the NSP, the members also discussed the incoming Presidential elections, which are set to take place in a month. Prime Minister Eastwood has met in the last days with NPSC Secretary Marka Mejakhansk in order to find a name that would suit both parties, however, according to the Atlantis Post, the Socialists proposed Deputy Prime Minister Nicolò Alvisi and Governor of Caroline Charlotte Leonard von Sternberg for the position.

In the last days it was rumoured that President James Lunam was seeking re-election. However, an NSP spokesman said the party is “unsure about Mr. Lunam. We do not feel entirely motivated to support an eventual re-election”.

The Central Committee of the NSP, which was established only recently and is composed by Party members who hold positions in the government and the federations, has confirmed that it will meet in the incoming days in order to “give a more clear direction to the Party”.


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