Tensions in Bysalia as region threatens secession

558739_4531204641157_286096474_nA correspondent from the Republic of Bysalia has announced this morning that tensions are growing inside the country between the central government and the region of Hove.

It has all started when Senator and leader of Hove Adam Borrer announced the intention of his constituency to secede from Bysalia and form an independent state at a session of the Republic Senate, the country’s legislature. The news was received negatively by the central government who denounced a “clear breach of the Republic Treaty and the Bysalian Constitution, which must protect the citizens of Hove who may oppose such decision”. This however didn’t stop Senator Borrer and other local citizens, who formed their own government and occupied all buildings just days ago.

According to the Bysalian Government and Supreme Chancellor John Gordon, who was contacted by the Observer soon after the political crisis, at the moment Hove is effectively occupied by “the rebel forces”, whose intention is apparently to form a separate country.

Reports claim that the Bysalian Government has tried in the last days to suppress the rebellion through the armed forces and keep Hove inside the Republic, but Gordon claims that “after reviewing the situation, the Republic is now considering diplomatic negotiations with the rebels and Senator Borrer”.

The Republic Senate will be convening later today to discuss any eventual actions against Hove’s decisions, but other members believe the Government should negotiate with the region and listen to their demands, which have not yet been raised by Senator Borrer. The Government claims, however, that the militias protecting Hove have been attacking the Republic Army, which was forced to respond.

“Our main intention right now is to end this crisis immediately. We fear that other regions could leave the republic. This may lead to a civil war or a large political crisis”, said Gordon to the Observer.


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