Ruvolo: “do not include me in new Legislature”

Foto 05-01-14 15 19 46The Governor of New Branson, Barbara Ruvolo, has formally requested the National Party to choose someone else in the list of NPSC assemblymen that will compose the next Legislature. The oldest-serving member of the General Assembly, born in 1966, published this morning a message in which she requested her party to “look for younger people“, also due to her “lack of free time for national matters”. “I think younger people deserve more than me to represent our country in its most important legislative body” said Ruvolo to the Observer. She then congratulated Prime Minister Eastwood for his victory.

While she will not represent the party in the General Assembly, she will remain Governor of New Branson and President of her region’s local assembly, the New Branson Federal Council, where plans for a “regional olive oil production” are currently underway, but were suspended during the Christmas holidays.

According to the list, the 4 National assemblymen that will compose this year’s opposition are likely to be Marka Mejakhansk -who is now likely to become the oldest MP in the General Assembly-, Rigas Papadopoulos, Athlon Strauss and Luiza Portes.


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