Mejakhansk: “Nationals will not sit idle”

374399_4247033289051_412075056_nSpeaking an hour after the New Socialist Party was officially proclaimed the winner of the 2014 general elections , General Secretary of the National Party of St.Charlie and main candidate Marka Mejakhansk delivered a speech to the members of the General Assembly, and the party. In his intervention, he sent his best wishes to Eastwood but promised the NPSC would have led a strong opposition.

The Nemkhav statesman sent his “wholehearted congratulations to the New Socialist Party for their electoral success in Parliament, and to Prime Minister Eastwood on his re-appointment as Prime Minister for another term” but later added that the NPSC “does not see victory in one particular electoral result or another, but in action and the maintenance of strong ideals“.

He then pointed out that his party “received a strong endorsement by the people, with several Federations under the leadership of National governors and a strong opposition in Parliament” and that “[while] the New Socialist Party has won the election […] the National Party will not sit idle. Until the electoral battle begins again, we will sit strong in opposition, never silent”. The speech was backed positively by NPSC official and Koss politician Lucas Campos.

NPSC assemblyman and local secretary for Tor Pendente, Gianluigi Casalena, who was contacted by phone soon after the speech, said “the words of Mr. Mejakhansk are the reason why we are a great micronational democracy and one of the best micronations around“.

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