Alexander Eastwood defeats Mejakhansk to win re-election

1002616_10200641666819177_1508783576_nIt is now official: Socialist Prime Minister Alexander Eastwood has been re-elected to a second term, defeating Nationalist challenger and General Secretary Marka Mejakhansk.

St.Charlie’s longest-serving Socialist head of Government won the Parliamentary race with 58% of the total against the National Party’s 42%. Already before the end of the Federal elections and the results from the Federation of Greater Ridgeway, the Socialists were more than 20 votes ahead of the Nationals. The NSP also retains its majority in the General Assembly, although the National Party elected two more governors than the Socialists.

Moments after the news is official, messages of congratulations are sent from across the country and from other micronations. The first ones from President James Lunam and Caroline Charlotte Govenor Leonard von Sternberg, but also from Grand Duke Niels I of Flandrensis, a longtime ally of the Federal Republic.

In a speech made minutes ago in Caprica, the Prime Minister thanked “everybody, and not just my Party and the Government I’m part of, but all those who made this possible”. Eastwood also said he looks forward to sitting down with Mejakhansk and Papadopoulos to discuss ways they can work together to move the country forward.

A speech by the Prime Minister was recorded later tonight, and will be available by the end of the day.

To read the speech by NPSC candidate and Secretary, Marka Mejakhansk, click here.

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