Decision 2014: National Party gain in Tor Pendente

Department of Home Affairs: “Eastwood unlikely to lose now”

1463651_760699050614309_1464743333_nNational Party official Athlon Strauss is the new Governor of Tor Pendente. The longtime Secretary of the Treasury has officially reclaimed the capital city from the New Socialist Party candidate Filippo Lanzarini with 64.7% of the votes against the NSP’s 24.2%. In the last general election, Lanzarini stole the formerly safe seat from the Nationals, winning against Valentina Marchesi. This year’s turnout was 70,59%, a slight decrease from last year.

Strauss told the Observer he is “really happy to be the new Governor after what was a very exciting election” and will probably abandon his micronational pseudonym in the incoming months. He was soon contacted by President James Lunam, who also expressed his congratulations to Governors Barbara Ruvolo and Luiza Portes.

In the Parliamentary race the votes were not different: 70.6% for the Nationals – 12 votes – against 29.4% for the New Socialists – 5 votes. Following the results in Tor Pendente, a spokesman for the Department of Home Affairs announced that “at this point incumbent Prime Minister Alexander Eastwood is likely to be re-elected for a second mandate“. Albeit Greater Ridgeway being a longtime NPSC stronghold, Mejakhansk’s party needs more than 20 votes in order to win this election. At the moment, the NSP is heading the national race with 47 votes against the NPSC’s 25.

Result as of now:
NSP: 2 – NPSC: 3


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