Eastwood to deliver speech this evening

reinhardtA spokesperson for the St.Charlian Government has just announced that New Socialist Party candidate and incumbent Prime Minister Alexander Eastwood is expected to address the Nation tonight in Caprica, Atlantis. While the results from the Federation of Greater Ridgeway have not yet been received, it is clear that the Socialists have acquired a safe majority in the Parliamentary race. On the other hand, the National Party is currently one governor ahead of the NSP, with the last Nationalist governor, Athlon Strauss, elected this morning in Tor Pendente.

In the meantime, First Ambassador Alexander Reinhardt has sent his public congratulations to the Prime Minister, but showed disappointment for the result. “I cannot deny that every election is a triumph for St.Charlian democracy and activity – said Reinhardt – but I personally believe the National Party should have received more votes”.

At the moment, with 65.2% of the votes, the NSP is leading the Parliamentary race against the NPSC’s 34.7%. Reinhardt added that “while Greater Ridgeway will probably turn out to be a Nationalist victory, it is unlikely that the votes will change the final result”.


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