Decision 2014: Von Sternberg re-elected in Caroline Charlotte

1415314_10202733955452572_1079028458_oAn unsurprising Socialist hold in Caroline Charlotte: with 80% of the votes, Leonard von Sternberg has been re-elected Governor, against the NPSC Citizen’s List’s 20%. The same results showed up in the Parliamentary race.

Von Sternberg, a prominent NSP Official and former military officer, has successfully held onto what is widely described as “one of the NSP’s safest seats in the Federal Republic”. With his usual overwhelming support, von Sternberg has been re-elected to once represent Caroline Charlotte in the General Assembly for the fourth consecutive time, continuing his streak as one the longest serving members of parliament.

As soon as the results were published by the local Electoral Commission and the Caroline Charlotte local assembly von Sternberg thanked his constituents as usual, and claimed he is “proud to represent for another mandate the citizens of this Federation” and promised that he will “look forward to collaborate with every Governor of the new legislature, including the newly-elected Governor of Atlantis, Sante Carbone”.

Nationwide, the NSP is currently heading the results, with 26 votes against the National Party’s 2 votes.

Result as of now:


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