Mejakhansk: “constitution must remain above party politics”

Governor Marchesi and MP Casalena already opposed motion.

cover markaIn a press release published tonight, the General Secretary of the NPSC, Marka Mejakhansk, has declared that the Nationals oppose the constitutional amendment proposed by the New Socialist Party. “As a former Head of State of a presidential republic system of government, it might seem odd that I would come out against the use of the very same system in my adopted home nation. -said the Nemkhav politician- […] A presidential system is not bad – indeed, I was happy to lead a micronation as president in such a system. However, at the same time, it is also my belief that some methods of government only suit certain nations“.

Mejakhansk then continued by saying that “St.Charlie […] grew and developed into a model of micronational governance which has been mimicked by many nations over the years. Stability, in our community, is what many nations strive for and St.Charlie has long embodied stability […] simply because the system was greater than the people “. Then, he added that “the government system functions well and is not tied in one way or another to any one person or party. This lack of connection comes ultimately from the fact that the President is not executive – he/she is disconnected from the executive and serves as the protector of the constitution.”

“In order for the state to remain greater than any one political group or person, the constitution must remain above the whims of any one political group or person. The only way to ensure that the constitution remains this way is to ensure that the President is above the same. -said Mejakhansk- It could be argued that the President will always have his/her leanings one way or another, but in the duty of defending the constitution, they must remain above politics“.

The Secretary then said that “the combination of the powers of the President and the Prime Minister into one presidential office would be extremely detrimental to the future of the Federal Republic. Its stability comes from its system, and without the system as we know it and without the high defence of our most noble constitution, the nation could fall to the whims of one political group or person and, before long, the constitution could be dismantled and St.Charlie could be brought into an era of single-party rule.”

“The constitution must remain above party politics. The President must remain as the supreme protector of the constitution, for the good of every citizen and for the good of St.Charlie” concluded Mejakhansk.

You can read the full statement/telegram by Marka Mejakhansk here.


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