Italophone sector’s comments on the Syrian crisis

Reinhardt to bring discussion at next GUM Quorum

Giorgio ViganòAt a discussion held during a meeting at the Libera Informazione Micronazionale, the Italophone sector has reviewed and discussed the current situation in Syria, after US President Barack Obama’s decision to strike the country.

The Head of State of the Kingdom of the Cattimondo, Giorgio Viganò (pictured), opened the discussion, claiming the “original protests have been used by American imperialism to extend and maintain its economic egemony over the area“. “The Syrian people are in a very complicated situation right now. -added Viganò- The population is forced to choose between Assad’s totalitarianism and NATO’s imperialist invasion”.

Viganò then concluded his post by quoting Lenin’s thoughts on education: “The Syrian people has been under a reactionary dictatorship for a long time, and as such, it finds itself unable to come out of this iron grip”. The Cattihondese politician announced that he will observe the fast on Sunday as a way to protest against the violence.

In St.Charlie, Prime Minister Eastwood expressed his “complete opposition to the invasion of Syria”. “It is obvious that such is just another way of the United States to subvert the region, exactly like the attacks on Iraq. -added Eastwood- […] This time, however, institutions such as the British Parliament have risen up against such actions. […] I will never support a conflict, especially for such despicable motivations”.

First Ambassador Reinhardt has also announced his decision to bring the case to the Quorum of Delegates: “While it will probably lead to an argument, I believe it is vital for an organisation like the GUM to discuss and share thoughts on such events”, he said.

One Response to “Italophone sector’s comments on the Syrian crisis”
  1. James Wilary says:

    I applaud the United Kingdom for their honourable actions in opposing imperialist activities by the United States.

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