Why I am voting for Ciprian Jucaresti at the next GUM Elections

First of all, apologies for not having updated the St.Charlian Observer for a long time. We have been busy dealing with our personal lives, and while we kept on working internally, we just didn’t have enough time to update the website. I hope you can forgive us, and me in particular!

Alexander ReinhardtLast year, after about four years of political activity and two terms as head of government, I was chosen to lead our diplomatic corps and help rebuild our foreign policy and image around the microsphere. It is obvious that I was chosen because of my past experiences and I would be a hypocrite if I said the opposite. Nevertheless, my personal adventure in micronationalism is why I believe Ciprian C. Jucaresti should be the next GUM Chairman.

The “second organisation” turned 2 years old on August 14 and throughout the 12 elections held since that day, seven different people were nominated Chairman – people I know well for their expertise and professionalism. However, the fact that some of them had to run for more than a single term, and in different moments, outlines a serious issue that harmed the image of the GUM since its “rebirth”.

And yes: it is obvious that these people were elected because their presence was needed for the good functioning of the organisation (I don’t see Jacob Tierney running for four terms because he wants to be under the spotlight – that’s what I mean), but by relying only on a couple of micronationalists, the GUM is unlikely to advance. This was a mistake we did all together, but this time we have the necessary conditions for a valid successor.

While not everyone in the Quorum of Delegates appreciates Mr. Jucaresti, he is one of the few people who climbed their way inside the organisation: first as a simple delegate, then as Secretary of the Advancement Council. While it may sound meaningless, it drastically reduces the failure to understand how the GUM actually works. This is something every Delegate should take into account while discussing the candidates with their governments, instead of choosing sides out of personal or past feuds: the GUM Elections are not a beauty pageant.

I am also supporting Mr. Jucaresti because of his intention to make Mr. Joseph Kennedy his Vice-Chairman, in case he wins the elections. By doing so, there is the possibility that the two existing political movements inside the Quorum may cooperate together for the future of the organisation. Considering that it happens to see arguments between those two factions, both inside and outside the GUM premises, such move could even prevent these discussions from turning into comedy sketches.

So, in conclusion, there are many other valid reasons to vote for Jucaresti – from his position on real-life interactions, to his “radical change” plan, which I believe is exactly what the organisation needs now. And while it is obvious that his agenda is not perfect, his platform offers the most complete path to recovery for an organisation affected by small, yet significant problems: the loss of its original identity and two scandals. But true recovery requires more than just recovering what was lost – it requires building something together. The GUM can be the promoter of a professional and working micronational community, and it’s vitally important we select a candidate that will enforce these values.

In this election, that candidate is Ciprian Jucaresti.


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