“Sharing thoughts” by Prime Minister Eastwood

A letter by Alexander Eastwood

cover eastwoodI’m going to have to say this. Until two days ago, I had a better impression of the intermicronational community, especially of the Grand Unified Micronational, seeing it a group of organized micronations with the same target. My fault, certainly, as I never used Skype before.

Many micronationalists are against intermicronational organizations. I don’t: I always thought that such organizations can always improve every single nation by making it interact with other people and entities. I always supported interaction and confrontation, but not the constant bickering. What I recently realized is that a small section of our community, and a small part of the Grand Unified Micronational is formed by very, very, very childish people. And then we are so surprised and get angry every time somebody criticizes micronationalism and calls it “childish”?

We must expect such reactions if some people around us believe we are threatened by an “Illuminati” group that wants to take over the Community through the Grand Unified Micronational. Is this sane? “Micronational illuminati”, really? That’s just sad, I’m sorry.

I think that right now, people have to think first about their own nation, without criticising the others around them, and then have a confrontation with other serious micronations in the GUM. This especially because you are inside an organisation, and a code should be respected. This is what we are doing and this is what I hope I am doing as well.

For instance, here in St.Charlie we are proposing and approving many bills through the General Assembly and it’s quite childish to think that we’re not active anymore just because we don’t publish many articles. If you don’t even ask if we’re doing something, how can you possibly say that we’re inactive? Criticism needs real things and informations behind, and the constant criticism that I always read in the GUM about everyone and everything is just useless, wearing and once again, childish. Why do we have to be in an organisation where people just hate each other every time the elections start? I always hoped for better collaboration, since we’re all people that share the same unusual interest: micronationalism.

So, here’s my two cents on what is going on and what I experienced recently, after joining Skype: can we really think that the most important thing in micronationalism is to show everyone how active we are and waste time arguing in a Skype room about who is trying to take over the GUM? Isn’t micronationalism made up of much more important things, like improving our nations? Possibly in “real life”? I guess I’ll have to stick to the second option.

5 Responses to ““Sharing thoughts” by Prime Minister Eastwood”
  1. Seeing as I’m one of the people involved in this, I dare say that I actually agree with you here.
    My aim was not to make people believe some sort of shadow ‘Illuminati’ is threatening the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM); merely to alert people to the corruption shown by the previous Chair, and how he, with a small ‘clique’ of associates (but with him not necessarily leading this ‘clique’) did conspire to put one of their own into power.

    I had no wish to drag so many people into this, and believe me, no accusations were aimed at you, PM Eastwood. That being said, the previous GUM administration were cast out early for a reason, and I don’t think that they should be returning to power so soon after the January Crisis.

    I will also make a brief point that, although it shall not stand up to much, some Micronationalists, through bad luck or design, do not have the manpower of St Charlie or some other nations. They do not have such legislature or events or works to motivate them, yet they do not wish to be subsumed into other Micronations. Hence, the spread to Intermicronational groups including (but not just) the GUM.

    Thanks for writing this though, its good to read the turn of events from other perspectives; yours at least was not hidden under the guise of a formal newspaper article as was the media disgrace found within one of the recent Zealandian Gazette articles (no insult to the paper in question; the other articles have been largely solid reading material).

    Apologies for the unfortunate turn of events,
    Richard Cunningham, First Consul of the IDRDB&L

    • Yaroslav Mar says:

      Come on, Richard, stop treating people like fools – you were losing the election because of your certifiable unprofessionalism and incompetence, and in order to win decided to start a defamation campaign against your rival. The fact that your term starts with a mass withdrawal from the GUM proves that you are doing it wrong better than million words.

  2. Deniz Maximus says:

    “and how he, with a small ‘clique’ of associates (but with him not necessarily leading this ‘clique’) did conspire to put one of their own into power.” ah, come on Mr. Cunningham

  3. Or is the GUM being abandoned by a handful of sore losers?

    • Yaroslav Mar says:

      ‘Shame to see you go’ he says in the GUM Lounge, ‘the GUM is being abandoned by sore losers’ he says in public. Well, perhaps making accusations of losership when Burnham accomplishes something at least half as notable as Lostislandic activities could make your point slightly stronger.

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