Mejakhansk appointed Secretary of the NPSC

Casalena’s outburst: “horrifying experience with Krimmer”

cover markaThe dark period of the National Party seems to have ended yesterday morning, when Marka Mejakhansk, Lieutenant Governor of Nemkhavia, was nominated Secretary General of the Nationals after a meeting between party officials at the St.Charlian Embassy of Forli.

The decision is the result of a proposal by local Puntarossa secretary, Gianluigi Casalena, and Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Reinhardt, who apparently organised the talks and heard several elected Governors and representatives in order to consult everyone before proposing him. “Although I am not part of the leadership, I felt the need of giving a hand. -said Reinhardt- We had to solve this issue as soon as possible, and Marka was always seen as the best candidate for the position, […] thanks to his expertise and political past, but also because of his approach to micronationalism, which is what I think the Community really needs”.

Reinhardt has later claimed that Mejakhansk was nominated without organising a Congress because “the time was running out and a leadership was needed in order to resume cooperation with the Government”. None of the members of the National Party opposed such decision.

Following the nomination. Casalena has expressed his support for the new Secretary and claimed Mejakhansk will “surely do better than his predecessors. Our experience with Krimmer was horrifying, as if he didn’t exist”. He also commented on Norwood’s decision to secede: “he just decided to go, and didn’t give a proper reason. […] We found it extremely rude, unprofessional and, to be honest, completely random”.

Mejakhansk’s confirmation comes as the General Assembly votes on a number of important reforms carried out by the Socialist Party, including a new electoral law, the abrogation of the Schneider Bill on Federations, the fate of the Territory of White Mountain, reforms to the Armed Forces and the University, but also nominations for the Order of the Blue Star.


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