President Lunam on Kozuc: “No middle course”

Puchowski to discuss Kozuc’s application in the next days

prezWhile addressing the Federal Assembly of Tor Pendente at a dinner this evening, James Lunam has commented the recent decision of Kozuc to apply for the St.Charlian Commonwealth, stating his personal opposition to see Kozuc in “anything that concerns the government of the Federal Republic”.

Additionally, the President decided to raise the Kozuc issue after he received an enquiry about whether or not the region could become an associated state, or a micronation with limited autonomy and under the supervision of the St.Charlian Government.

“I personally believe that the request that Mr. Small made to the Commonwealth is unsuitable, but most notably against the principles of independence of the Commonwealth member states from our Federal government. -said Lunam- Mr. Small decided to leave the Federal Republic, applied for the Commonwealth and now asks for a special jurisdiction. There is no middle course for us.”

The President has then declared that the matter was already discussed in the last days with Prime Minister Eastwood, who apparently shares his views on the matter. “The Federal Government, through several ministers and in several ways, has already specified that it does not approve Kozuc’s entrance within the Republic or the Commonwealth. -concluded Lunam- However the latter depends on the Commonwealth states, though I wish to specify to all of them that we have no desire to annex Kozuc as an associated state”.

One Response to “President Lunam on Kozuc: “No middle course””
  1. I’m glad to see that St.Charlie is applying stricter measures for membership in both the Commonwealth and the Federal Republic.

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