Jonathan new Emperor of Austenasia, community reactions

Lord General William to replace Jonathan

Jonathan of AustenasiaIt was a special Sunday afternoon yesterday in the Empire of Austenasia, when Emperor Declan I abdicated due to personal reasions and was succeded by Crown Prince Jonathan Caesar. The former head of the executive and Supreme Judge of the GUM will be now known in the Empire as “His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Jonathan I”. His ascention to the throne has been received positively in the MicroWiki sector, with official messages of congratulations by the State of Sandus, Juclandia, Lostisland, Überstadt, Ultamiya and many others,

Jacob Tierney of Renasia has described Jonathan’s ascention to be “a solid move for Austenasia”. “I hope it means that the political structure of Austenasia will allow for an equally skilled PM to step into Jon’s shoes”, said the Renasian leader. Luke Albertschine, Prime Minister of Amager, said Jonathan will “energise the Empire itself and her monarchy” and added that “the reign of his predecessor was one of inactivity and stalemate in some cases.  I feel that in any case of a monarch’s inactivity in such a monarchy, an absolutist one, it’s problematic”. King Quentin of Wyvern has described the sudden change as “an interesting development and one I did not expect […] It surprised me that Declan abdicated so suddenly. I knew there was something going on there, but I thought it’d be a month-long process.”

“Jonathan is a really nice guy. I guess that becoming Emperor is the best way to coronate such an interesting political and micronational career, and I am sure he will  do the best for Austenasia and its people.” said, on a more personal tone, Alexander Reinhardt.

Together with the title of Emperor of Austenasia, Jonathan I becomes King of Rushymia, Midget Master, and Theocrat of Atkantia.


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