General Assembly reports “Egtavia has been dissolved”

Governor said to have posted message before leaving

The General Assembly reports that Governor of Egtavia, Pierre d’Egtavie, has apparently resigned from all positions within St.Charlie, including his title of Secretary of the National Party, and left the Federal Republic.

The former Governor has posted a message in the General Assembly this morning, claiming his intention to resign from his title of leader of the Opposition and Governor, and revoke his citizenship. Several minutes later, d’Egtavie deactivated his Facebook account, and consequently, his intervention. Only a few Assembly members were able to see the message.

Following his message, D’Egtavie then claimed that his reasons to leave St.Charlie were mainly “[losing] the election […] All I was really doing was twiddling my thumbs while waiting for something to happen”. According to other sources, the Governor was seeking a way to slowly quit micronationalism and apply for a separate micronational occupation.

President Lunam, who has been informed of D’Egtavie’s desicion only hours later, decided not to comment. Prime Minister Eastwood has stated his intention to address the issue through a statement, to be published on the St.Charlian Forum tomorrow.


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