BREAKING: Chairman Yaroslav Mar resigns

marThe Chairman of the Grand Unified Micronational, Yaroslav Mar of Lostisland, has resigned. The decision comes after the scandal that involved his leadership, which was accused of removing two observer members for personal reasons.  An official apology was released by the GUM Staff days, but was apparently unable to stop the criticism to the organisation.

Mr. Mar, who claims he has been “used as a tool by a clique which pursued its own aims and used me as a weapon for that”, has however claimed most of the responsibility for the last events and appointed Jonathan Caesar as Acting Chair of the GUM.

President James Lunam, who was releasing a statement regarding the situation in the Grand Unified Micronational when the news of Mar’s resignation arrived, has declared to have received the news with sadness: “I would have hoped and supported his presence as a guide for solving this crisis. Albeit all the scandals, he remains an experienced micronationalist”, said the President.

You can read the complete official statement of Mr. Mar in telex format here.

UPDATE, 15.45 GMT+1: Following Mar’s resignation, Håkon Lindström has released an open letter of apology. You can read it here.

3 Responses to “BREAKING: Chairman Yaroslav Mar resigns”
  1. M. Mar is indeed an excellent micronationalist. However, his stewardship over — and responsibility for — the expulsion crisis has demonstrated that he, like his Vice-Chair Bradley of Dullahan, does not realise that an organisation such as the GUM cannot successfully be managed with the exchange of underhanded political favours. In moving to expel all dissenters, M. Mar failed to embody the impartiality and justice required and expected of a Chairperson. This should be a powerful lesson to any member of this community who has ambition for such a position.

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