Greater Ridgeway and Egtavia to the National Party

Results as of January 2: NSP 4 – NPSC 4

A turning point for these General Elections: the Britons are for the National Party.

The Federation of Greater Ridgeway has unanimously voted for Annabelle Pincer as their Governor, with 7 votes in favor (100% of the total) against the NSP. Same result, yet a rather formal one this time, with Egtavia. Governor D’Egtavie, who has just been elected for its first time in St.Charlie, has declared that “such result highlights the need for an electoral reform”, eventually, at a regional level.

This morning the ballots have been opened in New Branson, the last Federation to vote, and will close on January 6. A local NSP Citizen’s List will run against current Governor Barbara Ruvolo.

The 8 votes for the National Party raise the number of total votes in the Parliamentary sector from 21 to 29, against the NSP’s 43. Since the very beginning of these elections, Eastwood and Alvisi have held the majority of votes, “but New Branson may eventually change the situation”, said Governor Ruvolo, who opened the ballots.

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