Puchowski: “365 days in which we can expand”

Puchowski willing to inaugurate Commonwealth website

puchoThe Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, James Puchowski, has addressed the Assembly this morning with a New Year’s speech, the first by the Commonwealth leader since its establishment.

Puchowski has declared that after the end of 2012, “we are facing another 365 days in which we can expand, meet and continue the satisfying work that comes with secessionism and nation-projects”, and requested all Commonwealth members to pursue this mission by supporting the organisation.

“It is, in my view, still a challenge of ours to push on and make good use of our organisation. – added the Secretary-General – We can decide in which direction this Commonwealth can be orientated […] economic, social, political; it is really up to us all. ”

Puchowski has vowed to increase the number of Commonwealth members, “with the leadership and assistance of the Federal Republic”, but only with nations that are serious about their membership. “Too often we have had chop-and-change, here-today-gone-tomorrow nations, and this is definitely something that must be avoided if we are to create an effective union”, he said.

The Secretary-General’s agenda for this year sees the possibility of establishing an online website for the Commonwealth and increased advertising, and asked for the participation of all members.

President James Lunam commented Puchowski’s address stating his full “support of [his] declarations and, in particular, the necessity to keep this organisation vital and operative”. “I particularly appreciated the Secretary’s position on the new entries – declared Lunam – as we’ve already seen changing micronations too many times”. “Regardless of who will win the elections, I hope that the collaboration with the Commonwealth members will still be seen as one of the priorities of our nation”, added Prime Minister Reinhardt.

“My micronational diary is in many ways empty; let’s get started”, concluded Puchowski.


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