Tor Pendente is Socialist: NSP holds seat

The result as of December 31: NSP 4 – NPSC 2

A strong battle – maybe the most exciting one of this election, has ended yesterday with a victory for the New Socialist Party. Former Minister Filippo Lanzarini has been elected as Governor of Tor Pendente, succeeding Elizabeth Evans.

This time it was a hard battle, though: the NSP takes the Capital City with only 53% of the votes against the NPSC and Valentina Marchesi, who lost with 47% of the preferences – 9 to 8.

Different result for the Parliamentary elections, where the Socialists gain 12 votes – 71% total – against the NPSC’s 5 votes – 29%. The elections were carried out from December 20 and ballots were closed yesterday, in order to let the citizens of both electoral colleges of Tor Pendente – Capital and Puntarossa – vote during the Christmas holidays.

The news comes as a serious blow for the National Party, which was hoping for its third seat after the inactivity of former Governor Evans.


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