Koss chooses the NPSC, NSP victory in Caroline Charlotte

Results as of December 30: NSP 3 – NPSC 2

One for the Nationalists, one for the Socialists. That’s the final result for the Federations of Koss and Caroline Charlotte which have concluded yesterday evening with the final closing of the Kossian ballots.

In Caroline Charlotte, the local electoral commission has confirmed Socialist Leonard von Sternberg as Governor with 85.8% of the votes against the NPSC’s poor 14.2%. On a Parliamentary level, the NSP reaches the majority with 5 votes against 2 – that means with more than 71% of the preferences.

The opposite in Koss, where Nationalist Governor Luiza Oliveira has been confirmed for her first time after her nomination this summer as Governor, with a consensus of less than 67% against a local NSP Citizen’s List. The Brazilian federation follows the same trend at a national level and almost keeps the same result, awarding the National Party with 77% of the votes. Two ballots were left blank and haven’t been counted.

The results of Koss and Caroline Charlotte show a slight increase for the NPSC: D’Egtavie’s party gains another seat but still remains behind the Socialists, which currently hold a large majority in terms of total votes. The race, however, may get more interesting in the next days, with Greater Ridgeway, Egtavia, Tor Pendente (which closed its ballots this morning) and New Branson – usually a Nationalist stronghold and the last Federation to vote.

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  1. Leonard Von Sternberg says:

    Leonard Von Sternberg*

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