End of 2012: “I’m bloody scared…”


Something is beginning to concern me, and I’m starting to think that we could be reaching a point of no return… 

I’ve returned, briefly; it’s the end of the year and time to spend a few days with family. That’s why I’m upstairs on my laptop, secluded from the rest of society to write you my final article for the year.

Oh, but what a lovely year we have had – perhaps I one could even say that for micronationalists on this side of the pond, there’s been plenty to do: conferences to attend, other micronationalists to meet etc. etc.

Where has it all gone?

Alas, we reach this point every year where we look back on what we’ve done, and in many cases, look for ways to improve the next year so that those terrible predicaments we get ourselves stuck in never happen again. (Though, we did say that about Lethler, and he came back. Oh well.)

So, yes, 2012,  a great year. Never before have I personally used mass transit so much in the space of 2 months. Though something is beginning to concern me, and I’m starting to think that we could be reaching a point of no return.

2013 is approaching. Activity on the MicroWiki website is extremely laxed, especially from the St.Charlian side, and the confrontations and problems we had so frequently over the past several years have died down to a flickering ember in our memories. A lot of us are at university or are in the process of applying, and look, the activity and the micronational spirit is just, in my view, so low and non-existent that I think many of us have reason to worry (or not worry at all, in some cases) about the next year.

The influx of new members is not as great as it once was – of course, I am no statistician, and have no intention of becoming one. Yet, it’s obvious that if the said trend goes down, MicroWiki will be home to no one, and St.Charlie and several other nations will only become vassals of online friendship, rather than the micronationalism and secessionism of yesteryear.

I might be speaking too soon – there are elections going on, but it is the founders of these nations and the people who have fathered our community that have recently gone so quiet. I don’t want to advocate a return to the days of waffled diplomacy and argument, but I think perhaps there ought to be some form of recruitment drive, or, perhaps we let our micronational circles turn into everyday groups of friends.

I’m bloody scared. I don’t know what is going to happen. We can’t go back, in my view – we’re stuck in a period of ambiguity and inactivity. There may be no solution to my worries, and you know what, there may be no reason, whatsoever, to worry. People have said similar things before, but considering that we have our own lives to tend to, … and let’s be realistic here, … we might need to get back on track and do something to keep the allegorical flame of micronationalism burning. Get new people in. Recruit.

Either we do that, or we slowly put the fire out and one day reminisce about this community we have built. I would be proud of what we have done either way. 

We’ve built a lovely platform. It’s furnished, it’s accommodated, it is our final piece. I’ve said many times before that micronationalists are artists of the purist kind. Art continues in one form or another, and it demonstrates a culture, or at least a medium for it. Remind yourself of the days when you just became that King, President, Chief Monkey-General-Councillor or whatever. There are younger minds out there who will relish the opportunity to build their creations, just as much as we have in our childhood. And we can continue, naturally – I definitely will. But come 18 years of age, there is a world ahead of us to change for real, if you want it.

Micronationalism can be part of that. I am scared that perhaps we are not realising this. Don’t abandon ship now.

Happy New Year.

9 Responses to “End of 2012: “I’m bloody scared…””
  1. I agree, and this is why Monovia no longer is a part of any community. This is terrible for me, I watched the isolated YouTube Community which I started in die, and the same process albeit much slower is happening to MicroWiki. I think part of the reason is that MicroWiki is effectively a circle of friends nowadays, so its
    became very hard to join. Also, you may laugh about the wikia, but why has its influx of new micro nations stayed stable if not grown larger?

  2. HM Adam I says:

    I do not see us exiting an era of greatness in intermicronationalism; I see us as entering an era where pettiness and conflict do not distract us from helping each other with our creations. Yes, people are moving on with their lives, but history illustrates that a dedicated micronationalist has no way to escape micronationalism.

    Or maybe I have no clue what I’m talking about. That is a possibility.

  3. Jacob Tierney says:

    I think ultimately, you may be affected by your involvement in the dwindling zone of St. Charlian politics. But I don’t see what you see, I find there is plenty of internal activity to be had in many nations, even if intermicronational interaction is in a lull. This is normal for this time of year. I think, give it time, and people will settle into their routines again and get back to work.

  4. Jacob Tierney says:

    I should note, I love the end of the piece, I much agree, and it is as ever excellently written. I don’t want to sound simply critical. I am mostly in agreement.

  5. As some have pointed out, any decline in St.Charlian activity does not necessarily correspond to inactivity in the general MicroWiki sector. There is a lot of development going on from my vantage point as a foreign adviser to several newer micronations. Also, see Marka Mejakhansk’s theory of normality — http://news.nemkhavia.org/?p=80

  6. While I agree with Dr. Tierney, I must also add that, to be honest, I don’t really care about intermicronational relations right now. Long ago, influence mattered to me. However, this is no longer the case, and I don’t find much on MicroWiki to do that satisfies my going on there. All I do anymore is update the articles every two weeks or so and reply to people on the forums. I never feel like going on Skype to talk to people, and Ultamiya left the GUM a week ago. I guess the problem is, things are too monotonous, and that means boring.

    • HM Adam I says:

      Diplomacy is not a tool for entertainment. It is a tool to share ideas relating to the noble pursuit that is micronationalism. Even if you feel you get nothing from the community, there is surely something your nation can offer another.

  7. Well written James! But I don’t see the lack of activity of the St. Charlians on MicroWiki so negative. Flandrensis withdrawn its activity in the MW-community a year ago and we don’t regret it because we focus us more on the internal development of our micronation, and there are many similarities between Flandrensis and St. Charlie. I agree with the previous message of Adam, MW is mostly a medium for micronations to share and offer ideas.
    And yes, a dedicated micronationalist has no way to escape micronationalism 🙂 only the way how a micronationalist act will change with the years

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