Socialist hold in Atlantis and New Allerød, Beninati succeeds Eastwood, Bluttemberg re-elected

The Result as of December 21: NSP 1 – NPSC 0


The local newspaper “Atlantis Post” has confirmed this morning that Flavio Beninati is the new Governor of the Federation of Atlantis. The New Socialist Party has held onto its seat with 68,18% of the votes against 31,81% for Nationalist Reevahn Dain.

A triumph on the parliamentary side for the Eastwood/Alvisi team: the NSP takes Atlantis with 90,90% of the total votes against the NPSC’s 9,09%. A total of 22 citizens have participated in Atlantis’ first elections since their entrance into the Federal Republic.


A very similar result in New Allerød, where Marco Bluttemberg has been unanimously confirmed as Governor, with 100% of the Federal, and Parliamentary votes for the New Socialist Party. Upon receiving the results, Sante Carbone has claimed to the Atlantis Post that New Allerød could be nicknamed the “new red fort of the North”.

Socialist candidate Alexander Eastwood noted that though the result was looking good for his party “the elections have just started” and that he is “glad” of the percentages in his home state. The Atlantis Post has also stated that the Governor-elect of Atlantis, Beninati, is expected to visit the capital of Atlantis, Poseidon, in order to meet with the NSP’s leadership in January.


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