Eastwood: “NSP part of St.Charlie’s evolution”

Eastwood to respect Aberystwyth Agreement

Eastwood thinkingLess than a month is left until January 6, the “election day” for St.Charlie, when the final results of the General Elections will be published. The St.Charlian Observer has decided to interview the main politicians behind Decision 2013, asking them what are their plans for the future. Today we have interviewed Alexander Eastwood, the main candidate and figure behind the New Socialist Party – the third evolution of the left-wing movement in St.Charlie.

St.Charlie is changing: the old generation is giving more and more space to the new federations and citizens. How does the NSP see this evolution?

The NSP is part of this evolution. We haven’t been watching the changes standing firm – we have been part of them. The name has changed, the structure  has changed.. even the candidate shows this change, being myself a citizen of one of these new federations.

St.Charlie has kept its tradition to give priority to real-life micronationalism than the one on the internet, but it could be a problem for federations like Egtavia or Greater Ridgeway.

We should harmonize the old and the new. The Alvisi Government made big steps for the “real-life” side of micronationalism and the Reinhardt governments more for the internet counterpart. I think that the most important parts of our life should be “real” since we must try to create communities of citizens that can meet together; micronationalism means also staying together for a common target – also, “real” meetings are funnier, to be honest. But the internet life is very important, and speaking of bureaucracy we should improve it. We should have communitie,s but these communities must be linked between each other as we are and will always be one single nation, with common traditions and the only way to do it is through the internet.

How would you respond to concerns that a Socialist government would repeat the effect carried out by the Alvisi Administration in 2011?

First of all, we must say that the Alvisi Administration did many things, like the law on the marriage, which was fundamental. But I can understand the concerns since they were maybe a bit too closed in their reality, but the party and the candidate are different, like our projects. We are not the Nationals and we are not the old Socialists.

What’s your view of the Reinhardt Administration?

Reinhardt did more for St.Charlie than anybody else and I hardly think that his successors at the National Party will be ever able to do the same. He worked very hard and he still keeps having an important position in St.Charlie, but the inactivity showed this year still remains a shame for St Charlie.

This year was characterised by the Kozuc issue. What would have Alexander Eastwood done?

Surely I would have taken more time to decide if Kozuc could join or not the Federal Republic, especially considering their notorious and unstable past. Anyway, many people criticized the opening for new federations but I think that in most cases this is a good chance to get active again.

The new Consitution sees trade unions and the introduction of labor. How will this affect Atlantis?

I really hope this will affect Atlantis and the whole St.Charlie. I’m working on a couple of bills to turn labor into a real opportunity for the Federal Republic that will bring again activity, passion and commitment in the sociali life of St Charlie. In fact we talk a lot about the political and military life of St Charlie and we don’t talk or work for its ground – the social life of our great nation.

If you are elected, will you find a role for your rivals?

I don’t have rivals. There are just people that see things in a different way, but this can be useful. My intention is not to set up a government of Socialists, but rather to establish a government of diligent people that want the best, and can give the best, for St.Charlie.

Your message to foreign observers?

A very brief message: we’ll continue and strengthen the relations with the micronations we can work with, because micronationalism means working together, for education, defense, economy, justice… we simply cannot be a closed or isolationist group. Also, everyone knows that our replies to foreign friends tend to be very slow: this is a problem that we need to fix and that we’ll fix.


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