Koss holds ceremony in homage to Bowie

Today, the international community received a news through King Quentin of Wyvern. Wyvernin military hero Bowie died today, at aged 16. The whole community has been in a state of solidarity and the nations of Lostisland, Renasia, St.Charlie, Sandus, Pristinia, Zealandia and Juclandia  have sent their deepest condolences to the Kingdom of Wyvern.

The Kossian Ministry of Culture, Lucas Campos, with the approval of the governor Luiza Portes, decided to hold a small ceremony in homage to the General-Admiral Bowie. The pictures are as follow:

The ceremony

The Ceremony as a whole
The ceremonyThe Candles

The sign reads: Bowie, General Admiral of Wyvern, Schout-bij-Nacht, OFE, April 29, 1996 – December 18, 2012, Rest in Peace

The letter of condolence being burned. In Koss it is customary in this ceremonies for the items used to be burned and then added honey, later they are tossed out in to the air.
The musician
The musicianThe Final BurnThe Final Burning, later, the ashes were covered with honey and thrown out the window.

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  1. […] spying. The year also ended on a sad note for Wyvern after their beloved General-Admiral Bowie died at the age of 16, just days before Wyvern declared war on the European Union for various […]

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