President Lunam’s speech at the Embassy

You may watch the President’s speech here.

head lunamCitizens of the Federal Republic and of the Commonwealth,

On the 23rd of November, our beloved Republic has celerbrated its fourth anniversary. Four long years have passed since that 23rd of November, 2008, when our Republic resurrected from the ruins on the day its people revolted against the monarchy. All of us St.Charlians, of yesterday and today, old and new, young and old, of every gender, faith and ideology, are not only here today to remember what happened four years ago, but also to realise what is taking place today, every day, in our St.Charlie. In these hard times our micronation is living some sort of “inactivity”. However, this word cannot describe the state of our Republic, considering its multiple meanings.

In the past, and in other cases, I already expressed my view that the activity of a micronation cannot be measured with the number of laws and decrees approved by the General Assembly, the Federations, and the ministries. Same case macronationally, where the Gross Domestic Product is not an objective factor for measuring the wealth or well-being of a state. I see activity every time I sit down and draft the fragment of a law. I see activity when the people participate actively at our national festivities. I also see it when we speak about our nation and its future with other fellow St.Charlians.

However, I don’t see activity when I see people deciding to “leave the Federal Republic because there’s too much inactivity”. There, I’d like to invite these people to search their consciences, and think about their actions, whether they contributed to this inactivity or not. If these people believed it was necessary to pass a law every month or week, they could have easlily presented it to the President of the General Assembly, who would have then asked everyone to vote.

Anyway, it’s too late now to say what could have been done, and thankfully, our glorious Republic is currently getting ready for a new Supreme Law, that I also helped to draft and that will be the start of a new era for our Nation. It is almost useless to stop now on this new Constitution, but let’s just say it is based not only on our old Constitution, but laso on the values of one of the best macronational Constitutions that ever existed.

Our Republic is in need of a cultural and civil rebirth and this is possible with an increasing land-based policy that uses online platforms for communication purposes only, between the Federations and the institutions, for any debates at the General Assembly, for the discussion between the state fonctionnaries and obviously for the improvement of our foreign relationships, which I personally believe have declined in activity, compared to the past. The remaining political life and relations should be carried out in real life than on the internet, especially at a Federal level, starting off with the democratic elections, since the online vote does not guarantee the vote’s secrecy and may be subject to any attack. However, the cultural rebirth I was talking about before has started already with the decree that activated the Tor Pendente State University weeks ago.

I would like to conclude this speech with an advice to the political figures of our country: leaving the Nation at a standstill must not happen. Those who decide to become Prime Minister must be fully aware that they have the responsibility to carry out with dignity the Government’s work. Not only that, they must also concentrate on the centralisation of the Armed Forces in order to prevent the inconveniences we experienced this year. Being the Prime Minister means making sure that the Government is never left with an institutional gap, like in the last two years. I, for one, will carry on with my occupation as guardian of our institutions, of our Constitution, and most improtantly, of the unity of our Glorious Republic. Long live St.Charlie!!

One Response to “President Lunam’s speech at the Embassy”
  1. Überstadt says:

    A great speech. Best wishes to St. Charlie.

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