Parliament to vote on Constitution, Kozuc leaves

Ballots to close on November 30

The ballots have been opened this afternoon again by Speaker Valentina Marchesi. The difference, however, is that this time the General Assembly will be voting on five important motions that may change its political future: most notably, a new Constitution, regulations on the political language, and the reduction of Governors.

The new Constitution, which was drafted after reading the proposal by Heinrich Schneider, if approved, will allow the formation of trade unions, develop a clearer division between Federations and Central Government, give the President the power to summon the “States-General” -a large meeting of all MPs and local assemblymen- in case of emergency, and introduce the concept of “micronational labor” within St.Charlie.

Several citizens have already shown interest for trade unions, “but I guess these will come useful only if we are able to set up actual occupations, which is very likely to happen”, said Gianluigi Casalena, National Party. The votes will close on November 30, giving the possibility to President James Lunam to eventually sign the approved motions at the celebrations for the 4th Anniversary, which will take place at the St.Charlian Embassy of Forli on the same evening.

On another note, while the official results have not yet been published, the Federation of Kozuc has confirmed his decision to secede from St.Charlie by notifying the General Assembly this afternoon. Riley Small, on behalf of the Provisional Authority of Kozuc, has declared that “in 15 days time, Kozuc will have its new government […]  if in the next 15 days we are notified of any possibility of joining the Commonwealth or some other Free Association with the Federal Republic, we will seek that process”. He later added, on a personal note, that he apologized “for how the referendum turned out. I didn’t want this… not in the end, at least”. But the request seems unlikely to receive a positive answer.

“I believe they have showed the incapability of understanding how a democracy works”, said Alexander Eastwood, NSP, who later added: “I simply hope that such change will not undermine the workings of the National Party, as it may destabilize the safety of our republic as well”.

“After looking at what happened, we have witnessed how people have the right to choose what to do with themselves and their sovereignty, and I see nothing wrong with that. -said Prime Minister Reinhardt- The people of Kozuc have decided to leave the Federal Republic and I wish them the best of luck”. A more sarcastic note from Heinrich Schneider: “Well done! By sticking with St.Charlie for an impressively long 7 months you have surely disproved a lot of skeptics!”

“We receive the news of Kozuc leaving the Federal Republic with sadness. -said President Lunam- However, allow me to say that at least their departure will cause a de-escalation of the so called military issues that arose since they joined St.Charlie”. The President has also declared he will personally oppose any eventual application of Kozuc to the St.Charlian Commonwealth and will meet with Reinhardt to discuss the matter on November 30.


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