Pierre d’Egtavie succeeds Alexander Reinhardt as Secretary of the National Party

D’Egtavie to succeed Reinhardt officially today

First Conference of the NPSC: after 1362 days of leadership, Alexander Reinhardt has stepped down from the position of Secretary of the National Party of St.Charlie, handing over his office and duties to Pierre d’Egtavie. In his resignation speech, Reinhardt said Pierre “really deserves to lead this office after the numerous sacrifices he has made for this Party, and for the St.Charlian nation as a whole”.

“As George Washington said in his resignation speech: “Having now finished the work assigned to me, I retire form the great theatre of Action”. -claimed Reinhardt- […] At first I was scared: most of the times, when the founder of a micronation retires, its creation slowly dies. […] This shall not be the case for St.Charlie and the NPSC, and you have no idea how this warms my heart.”

The address cloncludes with: “In almost four years as leader of this political movement, I’ve seen many things and experienced numerous events: the collapse of regimes, the triumph of democracy, the passing of valuable figures. […]I can safely say that most of them will be remembered as valuable lessons that marked my teenage life”.

D’Egtavie will formally succeed Reinhardt as soon as the statement is reviewed and endorsed. A press conference will be announced after both politicians meet.

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