NPSC Conference: Nemkhavia to join St.Charlie, educational unions

Lindström: “please select someone with the vision, class, culture and drive to lead St Charlie to the future it deserves”

The NPSC Conference saw yesterday the intervention of five micronational leaders: Sebastian Bayer of Francisville, the Duke of Dullahan of Wyvern, Håkon Lindström of Zealandia, Marka Mejakhansk of Nemkhavia and Adam I of Überstadt. All leaders have shown support for the National Party and requested the members to choose a candidate that could suit everyone.

“St.Charlie has historically always been one of the nations closest to Francisville, and personally, I look forward to co-operating with St.Charlie in areas both our nations have a vested interest in, such as print media and education”, said Sebastian Bayer, who has been recently elected in Francisville and thus encouraged the candidates to focus on the University of Tor Pendente and a possible union with the Sutherland University. “I have no doubt that the National Party of St.Charlie is equally interested as the Libertarian Union in developing micronational education in our respective nations”, added the Federal Councillor.

“Socialists don’t get things done -declared Bradley of Dullahan– The National Party […] has a big membership count, and above all, it houses a lot of different people who want to work together on such a great nation”.

Surprising declarations from President Håkon Lindström of Zealandia, who described “the Irony of a Democratic Socialist speaking here”. The Zealandian President has declared that “St.Charlie deserves a decent leadership. […] Under the Socialists this unfortunately did not happen. […] St.Charlie has class, culture and a certain something that makes it stand out”. He then showed admiration for the previous National governments, albeit admitting his support for Tiana when they left the St.Charlian Commonwealth.

The most interesting address seems, however, to be the one of Nemkhav leader and statesman Marka Mejakhansk. “The NPSC has been a driving force of this evolution. It has been the engine behind the St.Charlian foreign policy, which has undoubtedly helped to form the community into the coherent alternative to Macronational politics that it has become. […] The paths of my nation and St.Charlie have crossed many times, all of them good, for the benefit of the community at every turn” declared the Chancellor of Novomir.

“The Nemkhav Federation, a hitherto untested project, as become a success. -he then added- […] I have learned, though, that the strength of Nemkhavia is not in any one form – it is in the mere fact of its existance. […] I announce now that it is my wish that, in due time according to St.Charlian law, Nemkhavia in its rawest form would become a St.Charlian Federation. I make this announcement well in advance of the real-time of such a move, because I wish to make my sincerity on the matter clear”. Mejakhansk has also announced his desire to join the ranks of the NPSC.

The last address was from King Adam of Überstadt: “Your level of advancement inspires me as the leader of a micronation. Überstadtis owe to St. Charlie nothing less than respect and support”, said the monarch, and then added “The voices of your best statesmen bring messages of cooperation and reason during conflict. The Pianeta is perhaps the single most widely-recognized micronational currency. […] When St. Charlie prospers, micronationalism benefits. […] Because of this, the National Party is the only choice for a future St. Charlie every ounce as great as the historical St. Charlie. Socialist government led to a stagnation in governmental activity”.

Following the interventions, Reinhardt has then opened the talks ragarding the policies of the Party. The candidates will be presented tonight, followed tomorrow by a two-day period dedicated to their addresses.

6 Responses to “NPSC Conference: Nemkhavia to join St.Charlie, educational unions”
  1. Socialists never get anything done? Apparently, the State of Sandus has done nothing since it has ever existed, save for defeat the ICA, creating a national culture, and create an organic and fluid government by our own hands.

    • Bradley of Dullahan says:

      We were talking about St. Charlie, Sandus fell and the ICA wasnt defeated as it still exists, so the correction here is that the ICA won. not everything is about Sandus.

  2. Bradley of Dullahan says:

    Look at that handsome man on that picture!

    • Bradley of Dullahan says:

      That is my error, Sandus and the ICA both DIDNT win nor lose, no one defeated anyone. We returned to a status quo ante bellum. Though Sandus did fell and the ICA didnt.

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