Reinhardt’s Corner: the Zealandian purges, again

Considering what happened in the past…

It seems like everyone is now talking (again) about the Republic of Zealandia, and how this time President Håkon Lindström, sacked the government led by Joseph Puglisi, before resigning. I am not entirely aware of the motivations behind such actions, but I must admit that what is going on is partially amusing me, not only because of what is taking place, but also because  of how the people outside Zealandia see the situation (including me, right now, to be honest).

From what can be read on the Zealandian Gazette, Lindström “lost confidence” in Puglisi, which I must admit was a rather strange thing to read, considering Joseph’s past position as “the dauphin“, or the shadow, of the President (some of you might remember the incident between the then-King and Ciprian C. Jucaresti of Juclandia). For these reasons, reading that Joe was suddently removed from office surprised me (but the list of accusations was cool though).

But not entirely: some of you surely took into account the fact that the Zealandian political system has always been characterised by a long list of not-just-Zealandian politicians who first participated, but were then removed from office for various reasons (including accusations of mental instability). Considering this, we should already understand that what is taking place is not really worth considering.

Yes, yes, I know that Veritum Sandus was accused by Lindström and subsequently felt the need to publish a lenghty reply, which I could understand since the Sandum state was attacked for no actual reason and said this was the first time after a good while (I mean, Sandus tends to write articles about other countries, but this time, they were right, you’ve got to admit it). However, if Sandus portrays Zealandia as an unprofessional and blatantly non-serious country, why wasting time for an article on its most important online newspaper, even if you haven’t criticised it for a long time?

Let me be clear: I am not taking sides with anyone, nor I am suggesting to take sides. I am simply observing the situation with the eye of someone who’s now seen dozens of criticisms against the Zealandian state and its leader, but fails to see why everyone keeps arguing about it if we know what the country is all about.  I’m not saying we should simply take all accusations without reacting, but if you don’t like a micronation, then simply ignore it.

It seems to me that while many have reasons to dislike Zealandia, we should remember that Lindström maintains the right to do whatever he wants with his country, since all those who were involved with it did so volountarily, and the rest of population seems pretty okay with the recurrent instability, and him controlling the whole country (basically).

So I came up with a highly-scientific and extremely serious conclusion: Zealandia is the Marmite of the MicroWiki Community: either you love it, or hate it. In both cases, considering that this is not the first time that Lindström is criticised, we should simply let it live and concentrate on other, more enjoyable things. For instance, anyone heard the Flandrensisian wedding between Grand Duke Niels Delphine of Wendelbourg? Best of luck!

4 Responses to “Reinhardt’s Corner: the Zealandian purges, again”
  1. Indeed, congratulations to both the Grand Duke and his fiancée. I would just like to point out, though, that we have a long-standing policy to react to such attacks and that others are not allowing the State of Sandus to show that, despite having these policies and releasing our statement, we are still continuing to focus on things important to the State.

  2. rgarrshire says:

    Neat way to cover the situation as always and expected by our dear Jacopo. Indeed shocking that Joseph was removed of office, probably he is the only thing that has lasted long in Zealandia apart from Anthony (Haakon?) himself. Anyone knows who will replace Joseph? And as they say, “como vaya viniendo vamos viendo”. -Also beautiful couple the Grand Duke and his fiancée, simply divine.

  3. Flandrensis says:

    Delphine and I thank you for the attention and kind wiches!

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