BREAKING: PoliNation 2014 to be hosted in Italy

Decision taken after Lattas’ visit to Alcatraz

Dr. Judy Lattas, of the Macquarie University Department of Sociology, together with President of Molossia Kevin Baugh and Emperor George II of Atlantium has confirmed this morning that PoliNation 2014 and 2016 will take place. The news, which was published on the private Facebook group “Micronations and Alternative Polities” by George, is mainly the result of Lattas’ visit to the Free Republic of Alcatraz and Baugh’s intention to host a micronational conference in the United States.

George II has declared that the 3rd PoliNation Conference is expected to take place in June 2014, at the Free Republic of Alcatraz, an Italian micronation located in the Umbria region, and that the decision was taken by Dr. lattas after being “mightily impressed” by the sorroundings, and after a formal invitation by writer and actor Jacopo Fo – the son of Dario Fo, a Nobel Literature Prize graduate.

As with the 4th PoliNation Conference, the date is yet to be decided, but there are possibilities that it will take place in the city of Anaheim, California, and will be hosted by President Baugh and the Republic of Molossia.

A website will be created for the Alcatraz conference over the next few months.


2 Responses to “BREAKING: PoliNation 2014 to be hosted in Italy”
  1. Trace Fleeman says:

    I sure hope it takes place in Anaheim. I could come easily.

  2. Emanuel Terranova says:

    I live 30 min from ubria! finally!!

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