Reinhardt will resign as NPSC Secretary General

Congress of Nationals to take place in mid-October

After almost 4 years as leader of the National Party of St.Charlie, Alexander Reinhardt has decided that he will officially step down by the end of the year: “Weeks ago I became conscious of the fact that we cannot continue like this. My presence as leader of the NPSC has become a problem due to my studies, and therefore, it’s time for the younger ones to succeed me”.

Reinhardt has also announced that for the first time since the District round table talks of 2008, the National Party will set up a conference in order to elect a new leadership, and therefore the candidates for the 2013 Elections. The conference is likely to take place online from the 8th to the 14th of October; the venue will be revealed in the incoming days, a spokesperson for the National Party said this morning.

“Throughout 2012 we have realised many things: first of all, that sadly some of us are growing up, and have less time for micronational affairs than before, albeit a strong desire to participate anyway. Secondly, that a new generation of young, English-speaking politicians is growing, and they are the future of our state. It is time for them to take the lead over the old establishment, that already did much for the nation, but must accept the passage of time”, declared Reinhardt.

Reinhardt’s declarations come after the Socialist Party’s decision to choose Alexander Eastwood as the next SCSP candidate for the general elections. Eastwood, already Governor of the Federation of Atlantis, has been received positively by the Italophone community, but still holds low support from English-based micronations. “We want eliminate what hinders the growth, strengthen what we have, improve what needs to be improved, make what is missing”, said Eastwood.

As for his duties as Prime Minister, “I will respect them, that’s why people elected me. I only ask more participation from the other state organs, namely the Presidency”, said Reinhardt.

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