August, from the Landashir’n perspective

August, the month which of course finished yesterday (today being the 1st September 2012, of course), could be for many micronationalists just another month of holiday and relaxation, as it usually is. Yet, for the Landashir’n Community, this August held diplomatic visits, national festivals and a greater spirit of nationhood; something that during the academic year is seldom found, as we are all busy and have less time to focus on our lives and our communities.

The Landashir’n Community is lucky enough to be situated only 30 minutes away from the British capital and to have links with so many different people from all kinds of nation, and obviously it is something that from a micronational view, should be taken as an advantage. In particular, so far this year, the Landashir’n Premier, J.K. Puchowski has used the Chiltern Rail Network four times already this Summer to get around and meet with people from all over the micronational sphere. This review intends to summarise and simply illustrate the range of activities which have involved Landashir in the past month.

Austenasian and St.Charlian dignitaries visit Sycamore Booker for the first time

Organised after the PoliNation conference earlier this Summer, Landashir’s first ever dual-state visit was held at its capital in Sycamore Booker – after arriving at High Wycombe train station on 14 August, Austenasian Prime Minister and Crown Prince Jonathan Caesar and leader of the Egtavian Federation of St.Charlie Pierre D’Égtavie (or P.B.) were taken for an informal lunch at a café in the town centre where friendly conversations took place and paninis were wolfed down.

Following a lengthy walk up one of the hills which form part of the valley in Wycombe, both dignitaries were issued visas designed for the state visit – both crossed the border in a quasi-ceremonial fashion outside the Main Building. In the Government Plaza, the pending treaty officialising Landashir’n-Austenasian friendly relations was signed by the Premier over a thirst-quenching glass of water whilst Mr. D’Égtavie was at liberty to take photos of the capital.

Also during the visit, a call was held with the New Wessaxon monarch via Skype, a brief visit to North Llabdey, Francisville was made and a traditional tea-break of scones with jam and clotted cream was organised. Souvenirs were distributed and overall a wonderful meeting was had, marking the first time a St.Charlian citizen had ever visited Landashir, noting the long lasting relationship between Landashir and the Federal Republic.

(N.B: There were ideas before 14 August to invite more than two individuals to the event – it was unfortunately due to the reservations of the Premier’s relatives that meant that no more could be invited to Sycamore Booker on the day.)

Francillish Culture Day and Landashir’n National Day

Though one could easily argue that both days are pretty much synonymous as they involve, for the most part, a constant eating of unhealthy pastries and treats such as scones and biscuits, the Landashir’n National Day and the Francillian Culture Day were celebrated on the 16th and the 21st August respectively.

On the 16th, there were, as normal, only a few little activities to mark the 11th anniversary of Landashir – besides that, that day was also a celebration of the past academic year; the Premier, who is coming to the end of his pre-university education received the first round of ‘A’ level results required for university entrance. With four As on his results statement, such results were a greater excuse to eat more sweet treats on the day. Every citizen in Sycamore Booker was presented with a homemade scone and offered the choice between a cup of tea or the alternative of coffee.

A few days later on the 21st, the Francillish language and culture had an opportunity to shine through, once again, the medium of eating cakes and scones in union with the nearby Canton of North Llabdey which is also culturally Francillish.

On the day, the Premier took the opportunity to sort through some of his documentation on the Francillish language. Amusingly, the scones which were made on the day fell apart once cut open, leading to difficulty whilst spreading clotted cream and jam upon them.

Joint Micronational Meeting (Landashir, Nemkhavia, St.Peter’s Republic, Austenasia)

Often one doesn’t have the opportunity to meet micronationalists from the opposite corner of the world; on 31 August, the case was different. Haakon Lindstroem, leader of the Federal Republic of Zealandia, has spent the last few days in London in time for the 2012 Paralympic Games in which his sister shall be taking part in the S14 Swimming category on the 6th September. Originally a planned visit between just J.K. Puchowski and Mr. Lindstroem, several other micronationalists who were available on the day also made the effort to come to Camden on an organised trip to the British Museum.

First visiting the Rosetta Stone, which holds particular significance to the micronational linguist J.K. Puchowski and the novice Egyptologist Jonathan Caesar, the group, consisting of Puchowski, Caesar, Lindstroem, and delegates from Lewisham (Nemkhavia) and the St.Peter’s Republic, made the attempt to visit every gallery and exhibit which pertained particular significance to them.

Halfway through their visit, the group visited a local café and talked about their work as micronationalists. Souvenirs of micronational banknotes were distributed and other artifacts shown to one another; the Landashir’n Premier also took the advantage to stamp Lindstroem’s New Zealand passport with the Landashir’n Government stamp. And naturally, the Premier insisted on having a trademark cup of tea.

Having completed the tour, the group walked to Westminster where the Premier had to leave in order to get his train back to High Wycombe in time. For the group, this significant visit marked one of the biggest meetings for the Zealandian leader who has not met micronationalists in Europe before.

All in all, August has been plentiful in activities and opportunities for Landashir to further its notable diplomatic role in the micronational community. The Landashir’n Government thanks all those involved and hopes to organise many more meetings and conferences in the future.


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