A new President for Kozuc

Small back into power

Today, the Kozuc population elected their new President. Between Sam Nicle and Riley Small, the founder of Kozuc won with 9 votes while his opponent only had 1. The young federation of Kozuc has been facing some difficulties lately with their Presidents, most recently former president Brian Kearney, who resigned and defected to the FUSR. Moments after the decision was made, the President of Kozuc resigned from his post as Home Minister. President Small stated “I am happy to bring Kozuc back into a stable position.” and “I hope the presidency will last longer than the others.”

First Ambassador, Lucas Campos, said that “The decision of putting Riley Small back into power should bring peace and stability to Kozuc”  Campos is one of  the people who has, alongside other members of the Cabinet, observed the situation in Kozuc closely.

The former Home Minister resigned after decreeing the re-activation of the MIB, under the name of Directorate for State Security(DSS). Until now, only informal talks have been held as to who will become the new director of the new MIB, as well as who will become the new Home Minister.


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