“Kozuc is not 1990s Kosovo”, claims Reinhardt

Kozuc to reorganise local leadership after Kearney’s departure

“Many claims were made recently regarding the current state of the Federation of Kozuc, including the need to get closer to the central government.  Although we’re slowly reaching our goal, the Federation has been also portrayed as a lawless region ruled under the iron fist of Mr. Small. The Ministry of Home Affairs has been supervising recently the local crisis which saw numerous governors resigning, but other than that, he was never allowed to do more than his duties”, said Prime Minister Reinhardt this afternoon.

The Prime Minister, who has been recently in contact with local Kozuc politicians, has been offering “all the collaboration needed, both from the government and my Party, to make sure the situation is solved”. The recent departure of former Governor Brian Kearney into the FUSR was “an obvious shock, considering he also seized all the projects for a local constitution the population was working on -said Reinhardt- but it’s not 1990s Kosovo: Brian also left because he didn’t feel politically aligned with us, nor the Socialist party, and instead of representing his ideology through a political movement, he left for another micronation. It’s a sad thing, and I hold nothing against Mr. Kearney, but I don’t see how political inequality is our actual fault, as we have communists in here too”.

Reinhardt eventually commented the analysis that was recently published on Veritum Sandus: “While the Sôgmô is right on several aspects, and I personally thank him for an external analysis of the current state of things, Kozuc is improving, as they’re working with us now. It’s true that Small speaks a lot about Kozuc, but that’s normal, being that his home state, and him being in charge of internal affairs, which is related to all federations, including obviously Kozuc. Furthermore the SCAF’s branch in Kozuc hasn’t engaged in wars, as all orders must be taken, in the end, by General Guariberti, and we regularly speak with the neighbouring micronations, so that is already solved”.

“Regarding, however, the interview to Mr. Kearney -adds Reinhardt on the article published on the Zealandian Gazette– the threat referred in the interview is actually a prank call that was made by some citizens where they acted as MIB agents. The fact is that our intelligence is inactive, and they had no jurisdiction. So yes, I wouldn’t classify that as a problem; surely an immature action, but they’re not doing it anymore, as I already told James Thompson of the FUSR”.

“Furthermore -continues Reinhardt- I already contacted Small about all of this. He never told Kearney that governors are pointless positions as he was actually explaining the ceremonial status of the President of St.Charlie, citing the British monarchy. For the rest, much of Mr. Kearney’s analysis remains, after all, the opinion of a governor that never contacted the Central Government, albeit the issues he didn’t seem to notice, as he himself pointed out.  I hold nothing against him leaving for another micronation, as he’s not a citizen of St.Charlie anymore and will not be subject to our jurisdiction anymore, but some things needed to be clarified, especially after the way the newspaper exploited his words to portray us”.

The Prime Minister concluded with a personal comment on the remarks made by the Zealandian Gazette: “we can assure the newspaper that no bureaucratic ‘incompantance‘ is hitting our state, nor that we’re living the life of an absolute fascist regime. If the TZG is able to provide reference to their claims, other than the ones of someone who left because he didn’t agree with the democratically-elected government in charge, and to which I responded today, we’d be more than happy to listen to them”.

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