Lucas Campos succeeds Alvisi as First Ambassador

Former First Ambassador to pursue career in justice

President James Lunam has appointed this afternoon Lucas Campos, from the Federation of Koss, as First Ambassador of St.Charlie. The decision was taken after discussions with Prime Minister Reinhardt, who had requested the removal of Nicolò Alvisi in order to appoint him as First Judge of the Supreme Court already weeks ago. Apparently the matter was gradually postponed by President Lunam, as he was waiting for the “entrance of Atlantis within the Federal Republic”, a spokesman from the government said this afternoon after the news was published. This led to internal debates between the Presidency of the Federal Republic and the Office of the Prime Minister, which concluded only today.

“I spoke to Alvisi about the change, and he agreed with me. -said PM Reinhardt- He founded our legal code, which still needs some small improvements, so that’s why I believe he deserves to become the head of our judicial sector. Also, Campos is more of an international figure, and this will promote our presence abroad, not only to Italophone states”.

Alvisi was recently under the national spotlight after inaugurating the first congress of the Socialist Party on July 5, which led to the birth of the NSP, the New Socialist Party, but also Riley Small’s decision to join the ranks of the National Party, and the final dissolution of the Green Party. The Vice-Secretary of the Socialists resigned officially this afternoon with a letter published in his virtual office.

Lucas Campos, who has also been appointed in charge of the Overseas, was already leading the national delegation at the Grand Unified Micronational, and was made an official First Class diplomat hours before being appointed as President of the Ambassadorial Council.


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