Commonwealth Charter, three new federations and moratorium

Today, the parliamentary session started on July 7 has been closed by the speaker of the chamber and a lot of decisions were made.

This session saw all motions being approved. As of today, three new federations(Atlantis, New Alleroed and Norwood) have been accepted. Samuel Krimmer of Norwood has said that he is looking foward to help the Federal Republic in everyway possible. Prime Minister Reinhardt demostrated confidence and enthusiasm on the acceptance of the new federations.  Parliament, after a lot of criticism, has ratified the Commonwealth Charter.

But peharps the most interesting motion passed this evening was the moratorium. The Federal Republic has decided to enter in a six month period of moratorium, which means no federations will be accepted during that period. The President, James Lunam, has explained that such move was in order  to prevent new federations to sway the political sphere for the next election. Applications will now be postponed until the end of the next election.

There have also been rumours of a new First Ambassador, but nothing has been officialized yet. Talks are also happening about having Home Minister Riley Small and First Diplomat Lucas Campos for the next St.Charlian Expo in Summer 2013.

One Response to “Commonwealth Charter, three new federations and moratorium”
  1. monovia1 says:

    I am glad to the Federal Republic has once again expanded, best wishes for the future!

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