PoliNation 2012: “I told you that there were more of us”

Just some of the wonderful attendees

Because some of us aren’t rich enough to buy a plane ticket to Sydney

This might sound a little clichéd, but it is not everyday when you have perhaps what is one of the biggest meet-ups of micronationalists and enthusiasts in the middle of London. Of course it isn’t. So now that that is said, you probably know what this article is about: the micronational conference that happened yesterday. Being 30 minutes away from London, it would be silly if I had not come, so I did, as the Landashir’n delegate, got lost in Chelsea with Jamie Sutherland of Francisville, but later arrived to this event. I don’t regret coming at all. It was, simply, amazing.

Who could have predicted this?

But why was it amazing? What did we do that was so special? – micronationalists can easily talk to each other online, or perhaps send each other letters. Well, it was amazing because it obviously did more than that. When I was 13, I was absolutely amazed by the other micronations out there – Molossia, Atlantium, Ladonia… the list goes on. I had no idea that I would ever have the fortune to meet people from these nations – for god’s sake, they are our celebrities! Any micronationalist who doesn’t feel like they need to scream from excitement, like some hormonal teenage girl, when shaking hands with the Molossian president Kevin Baugh is not taking micronationalism seriously enough.

But it damn sure happened!

Seeing the displays, talking to these people, living what is true, micronational diplomacy in action over a hot cup of tea – this is the climax of the micronational careers of so many in our community. Naturally, not everyone could come – but to those who trekked over to London, simply, I say well done. There’s nothing more to say – this conference is a result of the work of everyone to prove to the rest of the world, no matter how insignificant our conference was, that we exist. That our art and our concepts live and are appreciated. Which artist would not want that? The audience doesn’t matter, but I think the way we convene what we make, does.

Just a section of one of the displays

I cannot guarantee that all of us are going to get Wikipedia pages for each of our micronations by doing this, but that really should not matter one bit. As friends, as well as micronationalists, what I think we should get from our mutual display of diplomacy, love and together-ness is an experience that many of the younger micronationalists, myself included, will take with them into the future. We contrast the norm of the youth of today – whilst many young people are either leading risky social lives, following the crowd or even just staying at home, to be a micronationalist frees oneself from the chains of the apparent “real” world. We have taken ourselves seriously, with humour and humility. Yesterday was simply an historical event, no matter how you may look at it.

Young Tsar Harry of Monovia is a fine example about how micronationalism keeps on living

So it leaves me to say thank you. Really, thank you – of course to Dr. Lattas, Alexander Reinhardt (Jacopo C.) and George II of Atlantium, but to the guests and presenters too. These things may not happen again for a while, because some of us are not rich enough to buy a plane ticket to Sydney, but heck, the bridges built and the friendship created will continue forever in the child within us who calls us to be ourselves – to be micronationalists.


Postscript: I (James Puchowski) and possibly Jamie Sutherland of Francisville intend to work on a paper on constructed languages within the micronational movement to contribute Dr. Lattas’ next publication – let’s see how that goes 🙂

3 Responses to “PoliNation 2012: “I told you that there were more of us””
  1. Harry Fitzpatrick says:

    Amazing article, Great time, cannot wait to meet more of you 🙂 Seriously, best day since I founded Monovia. Cannot wait to start the Diplomatic process with St.Charlie 🙂 Thanks to all the Organisers

  2. Phillip Stone says:

    My regards to the summit attendees, it is a shame I could not attend myself, but I hope the best comes/came out of it.

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