“Kozuc crisis is not over” says Reinhardt

Prime Minister to speak with Small at London Conference

It is 4 in the morning in the capital city, Tor Pendente, when President of Kozuc, Brian Kearney, announces that “[Riley Small], along with Kozuc, [is] not leaving Saint Charlie”. The news reaches the government buildings quickly, however, and is taken very positively.

“It is great to know that Kozuc will remain part of the Federal Republic, but what happened in the last days, with the insecurities and discussions, shows how more integration towards the new federations is needed. -said Prime Minister Reinhardt this morning- Surely the situation might have gotten a bit out of hand, but the message is clear: if there are people who feel like leaving, then they don’t feel part of St.Charlie, and we must work on this. The crisis is not over, and will only be when the Kozuc citizens really are integrated”.

Prime Minister Reinhardt has specified that he will continue the discussion with his only Kozuc member of cabinet, Minister of Home Affairs Riley Small, who was also one of the main figures during this crisis, during the PoliNation 2012 conference in London, as both of them will be part of the St.Charlian delegation, together with President James Lunam. Reinhardt describes the planned talks as “useful for the stability of our nation and its citizens”.

But not all comments are reassuring: “It must be noted that while the population didn’t feel any involvement, the government was not informed of people willing to work either. If citizens want to collaborate, they just need to contact us”, adds President Lunam. Harsh words also from outgoing First Ambassador, Nicolò Alvisi, who is leading the Socialist Conference: “They decided to participate with the Green party, and are willing for a merger, but they haven’t showed up that much”.

“The Kozuc population has potential, and I like the priority given to real-life events. -concludes Reinhardt- I will contact them soon regarding the relationship with the neighbouring countries, and to know their opinion about national and international matters”.

The Federation of Kozuc was in the middle of a national crisis in the last two days when Small denounced the possibility of a merger with the local micronations and their subsequent secession from the Federal Republic. The decision might have been pushed by the nearby countries, who also threatened the use of force if necessary. The matter seems to have been solved, with Reinhardt recently proposing “talks” with Skendal leaders.

7 Responses to ““Kozuc crisis is not over” says Reinhardt”
  1. Überstadt says:

    I will anticipate an announcement of any results of PoliNation dialogue.

  2. It was when Kozuc wasn’t part of St.Charlie that Kozuc talking about its conflicts with other nearby nations at all was unprofessional. Now the “professional” St.Charlie can talk about the Skendal-Kozuc relations all they want. Seriously… do people forget like that?

    • Maybe because the leaders are friends, because Skendal doesn’t fight Kozuc at the moment and because I’ve been lately speaking normally with Everett on the Forum?

      Never missing an occasion to throw mud at us, aye Matt? But I am curious.. do they pay you for saying that stuff, or do you actually believe it?


      • I actually believe it because I’m not brainwashed.

      • Axel Nielson says:

        Of course you aren’t brainwashed, Matt. You are the one trying to do the brainwashing.

        Seriously, the only thing I ever hear out of you is about St. Charlie. You are truly obsessed… Do not forget that love and hate are not so far apart, for the opposite of love is indifference. Love and hate are both passionate caring, only one is positive and one is negative. It is clear that you care very deeply for St. Charlie — but I wonder if you hate them or if you love them… After all, your voice and position as a micronationalist seems to depend on their existence, growth and success.

    • It isn’t discussion of such conflicts that is unprofessional, but the voluntary fomenting of and participation in them. Clearly you are not very observant.

  3. Phillip Stone says:

    My god, Kozuc is STILL an issue? This is one of the longest micronational crisis’ I’ve ever witnessed/taken part of.

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