News Watch – 15/22 June

All you need to know about the past week

Sunday 17th

  • Volkskammer elections in the Lewisham Democratic Republic see a crushing victory of the Socialist Unity Party, which takes 6 out of 7 seats. The remaining seat is won by veteran independent socialist candidate Mike Birbeck. A new seat representing North Sebrenca is won by the SUP, confirming the Party’s popularity.

Monday 18th:

  • Director Schneider criticizes St.Charlie’s “expanionist and Federation-esque policy”, drawing praise from Sandus’s Mr. Soergel and critiques from St.Charlie’s Mssrs. Reinhardt and Mello.
  • Richard Garrshire announces he will be scrapping the characteristic Artaghean language due to its complexity and scarce practical value.

Wednesday 20th

  • Director Schneider responds harshly to articles published in the Online Burklandi labelling the Observer and St.Charlie as “imperialist”, drawing general support from other micronationalists.
  • The State of Sandus completes its first census and awards membership of the Most Honourable Order of Sandus to Jonathan of Austenasia

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