Café Riche: Hold on just a sec

Why the AC should, for once, actually slow down

In the past few weeks the AC has seen more work than in a long time. After the successful entry of Egtavia, Kozuc and Koss as Federations, request have been posted by Norwood (Federation), Pristinia (Permanent Territory), the Republic of Alba (Permanent Territory), Atlantis (Federation) and the Florida State Republic (Territory – later withdrawn). As a result, various Commissions have been started and the excitement within St.Charlie is running high.

The AC has given the go-ahead for Norwood and has recently decided to lift the diplomatic embargo on Atlantis, although an attached measure to request an official apology was defeated. The Pristinian Commission still hasn’t started and the Albian one is currently in the works, but given the expansionist tendencies of the AC, there is no reason not to expect them to succeed. Atlantis’s future Commission might also be successful if the embargo decision is anything to go by.

Yet all of this is worrying, and for once I would like to ask the AC to step back and better analyse the situation. In a previous article I warned of the dangers of a carelessly expansionist “Federation-esque” policy, but vigorous supporters of this approach, such as Prime Minister Reinhardt, have taken little heed. Even First Ambassador Alvisi, soon to be replaced by Lucas Mello, and Federal President Lunam, both of whom erred on the side of caution, have now changed tack. 

But let’s go in order. I was in favour of Egtavia and Kozuc (and to a lesser extent Koss) joining because they would bring fresh air and hopefully raise activity. In this respect there has been patchy success: Egtavia and Koss have hardly been seen and Mr. Small’s promise to start a constitutional revision has come to nothing.

Next came Norwood, whose Commission initially saw a 50-50 split but then veered towards an aye vote. I agree with PM Reinhardt’s positive assessment of the potential Federation, that is not my worry. My worry about Norwood is the same I had about Koss and about Kozuc: whether these transient nations that have already joined and left a intermicronational framework (be it Zealandia or Nemkhavia) are serious about St.Charlie.

The same is valid for Atlantis, with the additional concern of the terrible history between our two nations. The decision to remove the embargo is correct: it is true that Atlantis has taken great strides to become a respectable nation, albeit starting from a very low starting point. However, a parliamentary motion to disavow all actions taken previously by their government officials would also be helpful.

I cannot however agree with Atlantis as a Federation. A common argument is that it would inject Italian-speaking citizens, although this hardly appears to be a problem, especially when considering politics is still Italian-dominated. At the moment, there are no grounds for Atlantis to become so closely linked to St.Charlie.

The other two requests are easy to deal with: Pristinia has been a helpful member in the past and its application should not have problems in being successful. Alba on the other hand has a history within St.Charlie of being unreliable and disappearing for months. Its application should be thrown out until they prove their seriousness.

A more general point is that the AC is rushing head-first into giving the go-ahead while no effort is being made to actually figure out the legal issues around Federations. For the Commonwealth, it is sensible to include a further micronation before passing the Charter, plurality means a better Charter, although it is ridiculous the Commonwealth Assembly still has no say on new members.

For Federations the problem is much more pressing. I’ll say it again: there is no legal way for a Federation to secede from St.Charlie. The AC and the General Assembly have to look themselves in the mirror and ask themselves whether we are prepared to allow just about anyone as a Federation with no regard for the consequences. They should stop, take a deep breath and move both Norwood and Atlantis onto the path to enter the Commonwealth. There they can prove themselves worthy of Federation status. In fact, I’d make this step an integral one in becoming a Federation.

In an interview dating from February, Federal President Lunam declared that he was opposed to having the Commonwealth structured like the Nemkhav Federation. Do he and his fellow AC members now feel St.Charlie itself should walk down that path?

9 Responses to “Café Riche: Hold on just a sec”
  1. This is also what I have advised against to the Federations of Koss, Kozuc, and Egtavia. A very well written article, M. Schneider. It is a welcoming sight to see that our anti-Federal/anti-Expansionist (or, as you say, anti-“Federation-esque”) views are shared within St.Charlie by such a prominent politician.

  2. HM Adam I says:

    But should becoming a permanent territory really be requisite to becoming a federation? Personally, I would only require that of applicants who really need to prove themselves, such as Atlantis, and not as a routine.

  3. Alex Reinhardt says:

    Small issue: Federations are now allowed to leave the Federal Republic. The new bill that we passed weeks ago and which developed the internal structure of Federations, says that Federations are now allowed to leave St.Charlie.

  4. Riley Small says:

    When was I in Zealandia? Also, I am working on a lot right now, both micronationally and macronationally. I am on vacation, but when I get back I’ll start working again.

  5. Apologies to both. I didn’t scroll down to the last section of the bill, but I still find it a very bad idea to let Federations leave so casually.
    Mr. Small, your MW page claims you were a Senator and Minister of Defense for Zealandia. I should have made it clearer I was referring to you personally rather than your nation.
    My sincere apologies.

  6. Lucas Mello says:

    Excuse me, what? First of all, as M. Reinhardt said, YES there is a legal for federations to leave. And even if there was no way to leave, I would have applied, I have no intention whatsoever to leave St.Charlie to have my independent country, the only possible realistic way for me to leave is by leaving micronationalism as a whole, which is pretty much the same thing as an alcoholic giving up on alcohol, pretty hard. Secondly, the inactive issue, if you didnt know its summer time! Which means there is a lot of traveling happening, I, myself, am currently going through a college tour, and should be back next week. I have one more thing to say, regarding the commissions. Once the transference of power has happened you can and should expect a more efficient AC. As I dont have as much work as Alvisi I have much time to use to improve the AC.

  7. Calum Wilson says:

    I would like to point out that the Republic of Alba was not inactive completely as we were watching the posts the whole time, most of the time daily but we had nothing else to do linked with St Charlie that showed much activity and as such we had put time into other things such as the OAM before it’s collapse and after that we had elections, and policies in government to make but at the same time always checking for progress on our application.

    • Calum Wilson says:

      I would also like to point out that due to a lack of information on our progress up until lately we had no idea how our application was going so I would say unreliable is quite wrong as we had very little to go on and frankly annoyed our parliament members so much that some opposition members asked us to withdraw our application because of the lack of progress and information.

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