What did you expect?

If you’re going to throw logic out the window, expect it to be thrown back at you in the face…

The title says it all, doesn’t it? What did you expect? This whole “Syolian Union” issue, it just isn’t surprising at all.  A union which brings 2 or, what was originally 3 nations, which share similar political viewpoints, who have their own absurd ideas of what “democracy” is or how to run a failed state as a Sweden-obsessed demi-dictator and get away with it. It is a union of madness and lack of proper cohesion – if anything, democracy should really have no place in these nations, because the member states of this union haven’t got the faintest idea about how it works. Or at least, you do know how it works, but when a democratic result is the wrong result, one has complete reason to call the man opposite you “mentally ill”, get rid of the Prime Minister whilst he is asleep and put a wig on, do a terrible impersonation of a Swedish man and call yourself “Olaf Olafsson” and stage a coup in front of a webcam. Apparently, this is micronationalism, but I think it is just organised idiocy.

Yes, I am singling out Zealandia here. Zealandia is the stubborn, ridiculous problem in this escalade. It does things that make you question your own sanity. Now, I don’t mind King Haakon/Anthony Markssen (it’s the same bloody person, for god’s sake) outside the micronational circle – he is interesting, interested and generally an amusing character, but I really question his motives. I can understand the accusation that Zealandia has a rubber-stamp parliament – the Speaker is the King who is also an MP, which completely destroys the flipping point of representative constitutional democracy. Anthony has a stronghold of what happens in the damn room, so, if not a “rubber stamp” parliament, it is most certainly a parliament of dominance and ignorance. Which is why I left; this incessant temperamentality. When something goes wrong, sack your PM, dissolve parliament and stage an state of an emergency, because you CAN. Because you have given yourself that power. Because democracy doesn’t matter – what YOU say does. And then you get moaned at; if you’re going to throw logic out the window, expect it to be thrown back at you in the face.

Zealandia, honestly, dominates this apparent union, but the union doesn’t really matter. Tiana and Zealandia have been cozying up to each other for ages, ever since Puglisi took on the role as PM. They are this community’s “bromance”. Aww, sweet. Regardless of the issues that surround this matter, this “crisis”, we must remember that it is natural for Anthony to react in this way, if a centrist party wins an election in his neighbouring country. But it is a stupid reaction, but what else could we expect from this union of nonsense?

With no disrespect to the individuals, they are nice people at the end of the day, some drastic reform needs to be done. I’m not saying “constitutional amendment”. I’m not saying “revolution”. I’m saying, “for god’s sake man, your nation is as stable as cat on heroin, get a grip, and start from the down up.” It is no surprise for this crisis to develop – no surprise whatsoever. The community needs to get behind this union; they need our help.

4 Responses to “What did you expect?”
  1. Überstadt says:

    I don’t think they need the community’s help. They doomed themselves, and it doesn’t really affect us.

  2. I agree with this article. These Nations have absurd and Pathetic ideas of a Democracy. At the end of the day Gents, there children. A black-spot on Micronationalism. Put lets not give them what they want, attention.

  3. Wait, sorry wrong article. -Ignore previous comment-

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