Reinhardt: “Yesterday was just the start, we all have tasks now”

“Yesterday evening we celebrated the entry of Koss and the legalisation of Local Assemblies. Today, it’s time we go back to work”, this was the beginning of the address made this morning by Alexander Reinhardt to the General Assembly after the voting results of yesterday evening. The Prime Minister, which was criticised days ago for inactivity, justified his absence with “university work” and organised talks with the other Commonwealth leaders, who yesterday evening unanimously approved the draft of the Commonwealth Charter.

“The Charter was shown yesterday to Mr. Puchowski and Mr. Albertschine – declared Reinhardt – and we all agreed to get it ratified by our respective legislatures as soon as possible. We’re planning to have the first session of the Commonwealth General Assembly by the end of the month“.

But the Commonwealth was not the only matter discussed this morning. Atlantis and the GUM were also a defining point put up by the Prime Minister, who declared support in both cases, yet not unconditional with the GUM: “The application was authorised and handed over to the appropriate officials, so by tonight’s GUM Quorum we should know whether or not St.Charlie will join the Grand Unified Micronational. We’ll just see how this goes, but skepticism from the previous experience still exists. Some reciprocal collaboration is needed”.

“Regarding Atlantis, – added the Prime Minister – I believe the only thing to do now is to wait. It surely is an important decision that must be taken seriously, and I personally support them in their decisions. However, no matter what the outcome will be, our policy towards Atlantis will change: if they join us, we’ll make sure they get integrated and all the issues between us are sorted out. If they don’t, we’ll still try for some bacon-and-eggs approach”, concluded Reinhardt.


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