Koss joins St.Charlie, Atlantis sets talks, Federations granted local parliaments

June 2nd, 9 pm, Tor Pendente summer time. After a week, voting has finally ended, and despite a few members busy with exams and school work, the General Assembly is still able to decide on Koss: right after dinner time here at the capital city, Koss joins St.Charlie.

To the few St.Charlians online, the news is taken very positively. Fabiana Gallo della Loggia, Minister of Justice, congratulates herself with the new Federation: “I’ve seen Koss and especially Mr. Mello working and we’re happy to have him as part of the team“. On the other hand, President Lunam is busy with revisions, and unable to comment.

Another comment comes from Prime Minister Reinhardt: “Koss joining is amazing news. I’m already planning to integrate them fully within the ranks of my Administration. Many people have been criticising our Federationesque policy, lately -in regards to the criticism raised to St.Charlie and Nemkhavia- but I can say that in our case, it’s not us mentoring the new regions, but rather them teaching us how to work. It’ll be a great experience and I trust them”, concluded Reinhardt.

Indeed, the changes are clear, although not official: the Government has recently stated its decision to reform the ranks of the Ambassadorial Council and its tasks; namely, the right to establish the commissions on incoming federations, “a right that should belong to the Home Affairs department”, after Reinhardt, which has however seen some oppostion from President Lunam and Governor Von Sternberg, SCSP, of Caroline Charlotte, who also voted against the law on Federations, which was also approved tonight. The Federations Bill proposed by Reinhardt and Home Affairs minister Riley Small officially establishes the Local Assemblies, parliaments for federations.

But maybe another important decision approved, together with the creation of the Territory of White Mountain, is the authorisation from the St.Charlian Parliament to apply for membership at the Grand Unified Micronational. A debated decision inside the ranks of both National and Socialist party which however ended with the approval of the proposal. “Many assemblymen were critical of the proposal, but we’ll just see how it goes”, added Reinhardt on the matter.

But it might not be the only subjest the General Assembly will debate on: this afternoon, the Atlantis Post has published an article claiming that the nation may consider to join St.Charlie as well. The declarations were later developed by the Prime Minister of Atlantis, Eastwood, claiming that only a referendum will set things straight. “St Charlie is the biggest alternative in the italophone community”, declared the leader of the Atlantis Liberal Party, Donato de Lellis.

The Assembly will be called again in the incoming days for discussing the local assemblies and the ratification of the Charter of the St.Charlian Commonwealth, that was discussed tonight between the leaders of Amager, Landashir and St.Charlie. More updates to come.


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