Café Riche: All quiet on the Western front

Why St.Charlie needs a shove

It’s been days since Prime Minister Reinhardt proposed an important bill regarding the internal administration of federations. It is a further step towards the commendable goal of a more federal St.Charlie, but has attracted barely no comment from any member of Parliament or government minister, pace the still-green Mr. Liam Barnard who mistakenly attempted to vote on it and Mr. Alvisi’s curt support.

It is clear St.Charlie cannot continue in this spiral of inane inactivity, as an excellent and poignant comment by Mr. Small in the General Assembly pointed out. It is thus refreshing to view Mr. Small lay out a clear plan of action for the next few weeks in conjunction with Mr. Lucas Mello, who may soon join St.Charlie if his micronation of Koss becomes a Federation. Not to forget Mr. Puchowski’s welcome plans to get the Commonwealth moving again.

It is a shove that St.Charlie desperately needs and I for one fully support messrs Small and Puchowski’s blueprints, excluding the proposal to join the GUM. Mr. Reinhardt too should show some muscle and prove he is a Prime Minister as opposed to a caretaker for a dying patient. He needs to vigorously reassert his commitment to reform and legislation and purge his government.

There is a lengthy list of things to do but just a few might provide enough momentum to get the wheels turning. A draft for the Commonwealth Charter has been ready for months and still hasn’t been published. Getting it out in the open and re-engaging with the forgotten Amagerians would be a first step in turning the Commonwealth into a useful organization.

A new constitution should be passed, whether it is based on my proposal or not. The need for current legislation to adapt in response to it would stimulate some activity. The Education Reform I wrote last summer is ready to be published and should be without delay. Finally, some debate could smooth over the rough edges of Mr. Reinhardt’s bill, such as the proliferation of unnecessary federation-level bureaucracy.

The second important action Mr. Reinhardt should take is clearing his government of unnecessary personnel. Mr. Lanzarini, a political nobody even after his crushing defeat in the January elections, has done absolutely nothing as Education Minister – he should be sacked and replaced by Mr. Bralesford. Adding Technology & Innovation to the portfolio would also be interesting.

Mr. Alvisi should also face the axe after a lacklustre performance as First Ambassador. Earlier this reprimanded by the Prime Minister for his inactivity: the commissions for Kozuc and Egtavia only got under way thanks to Mr. Strauss, the Secretary of the Treasury. Even recently, he had to be spurned by Mr. Reinhardt to get the Koss comission on its feet. He should be replaced by the more energetic Mr. Small. Mr. Small’s Interior Ministry should be passed on to Mr. Mello or to an interested Kozuc.

Mr. Guariberti has also done nothing in his position as Chief of Staff of the SCAF and did not even feel it appropriate to comment on reports of border clashes between the Federation of Kozuc and Skendal. He should be shown the door and replaced with a Kozuc SCAF member.

Ms. Gallo della Loggia should also be lifted from her position as Justice Minister and be replaced by Mr. Alvisi, who still retains a high degree of expertise in legal matters, and is best suited for the role. Gallo della Loggia would fare well in the more marginal and less demanding role of Supreme Court judge, a position that should immediately be spun off from the Justice Ministry to avoid a terrible fusion of power and conflict of interest.

Finally, Mr. Reinhardt needs to get a grip on his parliamentary party. Mr. Bronisz and Ms. Vignaroli have not voted on a single piece of legislation, nor have they ever been seen around Parliament. An 8th parliamentarian is also still missing from the election. He should also push the General Assembly to choose a new Speaker, given Ms. Marchesi far-from-stellar performance. Mr. Barnard would be a reasonable choice.

A more dynamic and active government and parliament are absolutely necessary if St.Charlie is to get moving again. The changes that are necessary are also momentous and politically hard, but it is only with such a shove that St.Charlie will prosper once more.

5 Responses to “Café Riche: All quiet on the Western front”
  1. amagergov says:

    Indeed, I do agree. Amager is ready to be active.

  2. Riley Small says:

    I agree with many of your points, but no Kozuc SCAF member besides myself is really fit for anything more than a fighting role. Mr.Barnard is not that active, and will vote but is not the person for Speaker. Actually, why don’t you just merge the position of Speaker and the Prime Minister, because in some nations the head of the Parliament is the Prime Minister.

    Foreign affairs actually is going to most likely be taken, but not by myself. I would love the job, but the Prime Minister said they needed to be apolitical, and thus as the Secretary General of the Green Party, it is not going to work.

    • Riley Small says:

      Actually Liam Barnard said he would be fine with the President of Parliament job, if he is offered it.

    • Überstadt says:

      Mr. Small, I would very much like to see you become First Ambassador. You are a capable diplomat with community connections, and I believe you could revive the Ambassadorial Council. Could you not resign your post in the Green Party?

      • Riley Small says:

        There is a plan already for a new ambassador, but it is not me. I cannot publish details.

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