Landashir’n culture season starts before action on the Commonwealth

Commonwealth member state, the Community of Landashir is planning several ‘celebration of our culture‘ events to coincide with the approaching Summer academic half term holiday and break in August, starting from the 26th May, which by chance is also the day on which the extremely popular Eurovision Song Contest final will be watched by all citizens of the country, ending a hectic fortnight of scholarly examinations for the majority of people in the 10 year old British micronation.
Landashir’ns will be united around the television that evening and will also be participating in a mock national vote, providing their own verdict from a Llon point of view. The Song Contest has been an annually celebrated event in the capital Sycamore Booker, also known to the micronational community as one of the Premier’s guilty obsessions.
“I honestly cannot wait,” said Dr. J. K. Puchowski to the Observer, “we anticipate it every year and it’ll be a great catalyst to our celebration of Landashir’n culture; I’ll be rooting for a few select countries as we do our vote”.
But there are also other events planned for the cooperative state in the coming weeks – the collective Landashir’n Government has scheduled events celebrating the Francillish language on the 21st August, holding themed evening meals with traditional food, and looking to publicise the culture of the Llabdein Protectorate with its rich history, having been influenced by Llabdeic, Slin, Landashir’n, Zealandian and Francillish cultures.
Observing a Government session, the Observer also obtained information regarding what will happen after the celebrations have ended. The Premier wishes to get the St.Charlian Commonwealth working and functioning without the need of the St.Charlian Parliament, instead using the partly-established Commonwealth General Assembly.
On the same note, the Government will be pushing other Commonwealth members, especially St.Charlie to secure and guarantee a vote on all matters which concern them, Commonwealth-wide. “We are still very upset that we couldn’t even contribute to the vote for our own President, even though we were told we could,” said the Premier on behalf of the Government, “we need to take action – the Commonwealth was a Landashir’n idea and we are passionate to get it running properly.”
The Community of Landashir will be represented at this year’s Polination summit; the Premier hopes to give a talk on the country and his professional interests in how language is an integral part of culture, even micronationally.


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